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7 Incredible Illusions for Girls Who Want to Appear Slimmer ...

By Holly

Even though it's important for you to eat right and exercise, there are a few shortcuts you can take when you want to look fabulous. Once you know how to use your clothing to your advantage, you can create the illusion of looking slimmer than you actually are. Even though there's nothing wrong with having a little extra weight, if it'll make you feel more confident to appear slimmer, then you should go for it. Here are a few of the easiest illusions to pull off that will make you look like you've dropped a size:

1 Wear V-Necks

hair, black hair, brassiere, clothing, hairstyle,Not only will V-necks show off your gorgeous cleavage, but it'll also draw the eye up and down, which is exactly what you want. That way, others will be focusing more on your vertical length than your horizontal length. Most of the fashion illusions that you can create aim to follow this guideline, because you'll look slimmer when others are focusing on your height instead of your width.

2 Wear Heels with a Low-cut Vamp

Wear Heels with a Low-cut VampWhen you want to appear slimmer, you probably don't think about your shoes at all. However, the right pair can help a great deal. Stick to wearing heels with a low-cut vamp, because they'll slenderize your legs. Meanwhile, you should stay away from strappy sandals, which will create the opposite effect.

3 Wear Straight Jeans That Hit Your Ankle

clothing, footwear, jacket, denim, jeans,You already know the importance of buying clothing that fit your body shape. However, when you set out to buy jeans, you should find a pair that hits your ankle, because it will elongate your body. It's another illusion that will make you appear slimmer, because the longer your body looks, the more proportionate your weight will look on you.

4 Wear Vertical Stripes

clothing, sleeve, dress, spring, fashion,Stay away from horizontal stripes, because they'll emphasize your width instead of your height. You want to stick to vertical stripes in order to draw the eye up and down, just like your v-neck shirts will do.

5 Wear Skinny Belts

clothing, sleeve, fashion, spring, abdomen,When you wear a fashion belt on your waist or below your breasts, make sure that it's a skinny one. Wearing a thick, wide belt can actually draw attention to your own thickness. Those wide belts will create a drastic separation between your top half and bottom half, which can look unappealing.

6 Slip into Shapewear

clothing, dress, lady, beauty, leg,There's nothing wrong with wearing shapewear. Plenty of women, especially celebrities, wear it beneath their tight dresses, so there's nothing to be ashamed about. If you're embarrassed about your man realizing that you're wearing Spanx, don't be. Most men won't even realize what the garment is meant to do, and even if he does, he should be happy you're trying to look your best for him.

7 Wear Black Tights beneath Your Dress

clothing, red, lady, girl, beauty,Everybody knows that black is your go-to color when you want to look slim. However, if you want to wear a colorful skirt or dress, you can pair it with black tights. That way, you'll still create a slimming effect, but you won't be shrouded in a dark color. You can still look bright!

You're beautiful just the way you are, but if you feel more comfortable tricking the eye with these illusions, nothing should stop you from using them to your advantage. What other illusions do you know about that'll make a woman appear slimmer?

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