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Frightening Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Heavier ...

By Alicia

Certain choices in clothing or accessories can actually make you look heavier. If you’re self-conscious about your size then this is the last thing that you want. A little knowledge can be very helpful to have a slim and trim look. Avoid these fashion mistakes that make you look heavier!

1 Wearing Clothes That Are Too Tight

Wearing clothes that are too tight can actually make you appear heavier. They draw attention to all the lumps and bumps you’re trying to hide. I know that it’s tempting to try to squeeze into a smaller size so you can have the mental victory of knowing you’re “in” that size. I’ve been tempted to do that myself! But wearing clothing that truly fits you will look better and not add an extra 10 pounds.

2 Wearing Shapeless Clothing

Don’t trick yourself into thinking you can hide in shapeless clothing. It can actually make you look larger. Tent dresses are never your friend! Accentuate your waist by wearing belts, peplum tops or blazers nipped in at the waist. You’ll love the hourglass figure those pieces give you.

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3 Wearing Chunky Shoes

Chunky shoes can make you look chunky. That’s really sad because there are actually some really cute chunky shoes. Stay away from the sturdy, block style heels or platform heels if you want to avoid looking 10 pounds heavier. Wedges are an exception because they have such a beautifully defined shape. They’re flattering to everyone.

4 Large Prints

Prints can be so pretty, especially in a sundress or other feminine clothing selection. But you want to be careful about the size of the print you choose. Smaller prints are better. Large prints can actually make you look larger. If you’re feeling unsure, ask a friend who’s great with fashion to give you their input.

5 Light Denim Jeans

If you aren’t trying to look smaller then enjoy your light denim jeans! But if you’re perfectly content to look the size you are or hope to look a bit smaller then skip them. Darker denim is the best choice if you want your jeans to have a slimming effect. Look at some pictures of yourself or others in light denim and dark denim and you’ll quickly notice the difference. This is a good tip to keep in mind if you’re going jeans shopping soon.

6 Wearing Horizontal Stripes

It’s an old tip but one that still applies. Horizontal stripes can make you look heavier than you really are. This is especially true if they’re very wide. Vertical or diagonal stripes are a better choice. Diagonal stripes can have a very magical effect in distracting from your size. They’re a great camouflage for the dreaded muffin top.

7 Carrying a Mini Purse

Mini purses are cute, but they can add 10 pounds to your frame. If you’re totally confident in yourself then go for it! But if you want to use all the tricks you can to look smaller then go for a medium or oversized bag. A medium bag will casually blend in with your size, which is always nice. An oversized bag can actually make you look smaller, plus there's the fact that they’re super trendy right now.

These are 7 fashion faux pas that can add 10 pounds. What are your tricks to look slim? I’d love to learn from you!

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