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Sexy Backless Shirt Styles for the Beach or Boardwalk ...

By Leena

Summer is a time for wearing revealing clothing. Not so revealing that you belong on a nude beach, but revealing enough to show off your best features at a regular beach. If you've got a great back, summer is the time to show it off with open back pieces. Check out these 7 looks for some major backspiration!

1 Pink Ruffles

Pink Ruffles Talk about girlie- bright pink with ruffles! Not only is the color great for summer, the style is feminine and fun. The matching clutch style bag? Totally cute! The white shorts? Great way to balance out the look.

2 Heart Shaped Cut out

Heart Shaped Cut out OMG, how cute is this open back heart shaped shirt? It's perfect for those with a hippie fashion sense, or those who are full of love. So full of love that you want to wear your heart on your sleeve...err...your back.

3 Scalloped Layers

Scalloped Layers This open back shirt is fabulous because it only shows some of the back- leaving some mystery with the floral shaped cut outs. The scalloped edges and layered style create a fun look. This shirt looks great with the pink fitted jeans!

4 Back Jewelry

Back Jewelry Ok, not only is this open back look sexy, it is also fantastically creative. Wearing necklaces on your back? Brilliant! It looks like the shirt might actually just be a shawl that is tied in a knot. Talk about taking a fashion risk!

5 Coral Cut out

Coral Cut out This coral colored shirt would be a great pick for a day walking the boardwalk or hanging out on the beach. I love the bright color, and those ripped denim jeans add style to the look. A floppy hat on top? So fab.

6 All Twisted up

All Twisted up Ooh la la- some upper back is showing, and some lower back is showing. This shirt makes it hard to decide where to look. The twist in the center is really fun. Just make sure you wear sunscreen in this shirt- you don't want triangle shaped tan lines on your back!

7 Corporate Sexy

Corporate Sexy I don't think I would risk wearing this long-sleeved open back shirt to the office, but clearly you can rock it with some work trousers and look stunning (at least from the back). I really like the pretty purple color with the black pants. What a classy color combination!

What are your plans for the rest of the summer? If they include being out and about, and you know you've got an amazing back, show it off, girl! Strut your stuff with a sexy open back shirt. Have you found one that is perfect for summer yet?

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