Which Bra Fits Your Breast Shape Best ?


Which Bra Fits Your Breast Shape Best ?
Which Bra Fits Your Breast Shape Best ?

Different types of breasts look and feel better in different types of bras. If you're not sure which style fits you the best, Madame Noire has you covered. Here are the bras that they think are best for different types of breasts:

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Large Nipples

Large Nipples If you have large nipples, your best bet is to wear a padded bra, so that there's a smaller chance of your nipple peeking out of your shirt or showing through that shirt.


Two Different Sized Breasts

Two Different Sized Breasts It's normal to have breasts that are two different sizes. However, if you don't want others to know, you should wear a stretch cup bra that will stretch to whatever size your boobs are. That way, they'll both feel comfortable.


Nipples That Face Outward

Nipples That Face Outward You should buy a bra with a wide cup, which means you should stay away from demi-cups. Try buying one with sturdy, thick padding instead.


Bottom Heavy Breasts

Bottom Heavy Breasts If your boobs are bottom heavy, your best bet is to buy a bra that has heavy padding on the bottom. That way, they'll lift your breasts up and give them a sexy shape.


Teardrop Shaped Breasts

Teardrop Shaped Breasts This is the best shape of all! That's why you only need to wear thin, cloth bras. Of course, you can place an insert over the nipple, so that it doesn't show through your clothes.


Teardrop-shaped breasts have a gently sloping contour, with more fullness at the bottom. This silhouette fits flawlessly into demi-cup or plunge bras that enhance the natural shape while providing comfortable support. For those seeking a little extra lift or side support, bras with angled cups or side panels can work wonders without compromising the breasts' inherent beauty. Always choose styles that celebrate the gentle curve of your silhouette, ensuring each bra feels like it's barely there yet performs precisely as needed. Embrace the delicate balance of comfort and elegance to feel confident in any outfit.


Saggy Breasts

Saggy Breasts If you have boobs that sag, then you should buy a bra that is one size too small for you. Then you can cover that up with a bra that is one size too big for you. It sounds silly, but it can work!

No matter what your breasts look like, they're beautiful! What's your favorite type of bra to wear?

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I have a saggy boob fetish

i wear a padded cotton bra

So far as it fits well in clothes I am wearing it

@Isabella Rossignuolo i use padded. But yeah thin bras are comfy

I have mSaggy boobx

What are teardrop boobs anyways? Are they the pointed cone shaped breasts?

What about for women with tons of side boob?

One bra is bad enough but two at the same time? Really?

Sports bras everydayyyyy!

Why the hell would anyone want to wear 2 bras. Just get measured. Take a measuring tape measure under the breast then take and measure the top part of the Brest, say the band is 33 and around the beast is 37, ur measurements would be 34 D.

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