8 Shoe Designs That Polarise People – Are You a Fan or Foe?

Every season, there are designers that like to push our buttons by creating fashion, handbag, and shoe designs that polarise people. One of the most common platforms where we see this happening is among all the new season shoes. In amongst all the almond toe pumps and basic sling-back sandals, there will be a pop of acidic colour or a design that is too unbelievable for words. Some people fall head over heels, while others stare in disbelief. There are many shoe designs that polarise people, and below just are a few examples:

1. Charlotte Olympia Tutti Frutti Leather & Suede Flats

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Price:** $945.00 at net-a-porter.com
These quirky, fruit salad inspired shoes are the most fun your feet will ever have. You might remember the original fruit pumps, which had a massive platform heel. Iā€™m sure that would test many seasoned high heel wearers. It was definitely one of those shoe designs that polarise people, and here's a version that's just as colourful but more wearable.

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