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7 Sites to Sell Your Second Hand Clothes on That Aren't EBay ...

By Sophia

If you’re thinking of clearing out or de-cluttering your wardrobe, there are a variety of sites to sell your second hand clothes on. While eBay has been the go-to online auction site for some time, lately we’ve seen people turn away from the once popular site in favour of other alternatives. These days there are plenty of niche sites that allow you put your clothes up for sale. Take a look at these sites to sell your second hand clothes on that aren’t eBay.

1 Poshmark

Poshmark is a website and app that lets you buy and sell new and pre-loved fashion. As far as sites to sell your second hand clothes go, Poshmark is more of a social experience. You have to option to follow someone else’s closet and you can even take part in virtual buying and selling parties that take place within the app. You receive 80% of the sale and Poshmark also provide you with pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping labels. Poshmark is currently only available in the United States but they are hoping to expand internationally.

2 Threadflip

Threadflip is a social marketplace for buying and selling new and pre-loved women’s fashion. You can sell your items using the List It Yourself or Full Service options. With the Full Service option you send your clothes to the Threadflip team and they photograph and upload the items for you, while List It Yourself is pretty self explanatory. By listing your own items, you keep 80% of the selling price but with the Full Service you only keep 60%. Threadflip is currently only available in the US but there are plans for international expansion.


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3 ASOS Marketplace

An offshoot of the popular e-commerce site ASOS, ASOS Marketplace allows its members to buy and sell new, pre-owned, and vintage clothing. There are two types of selling accounts on ASOS Marketplace, Wardrobe and Boutique. The Wardrobe option is designed for individuals while Boutique accounts are better suited to small businesses. The upside to selling on this site is that it regularly showcases sellers on its social media sites, so your clothes have the potential to reach a bigger audience and sell quicker.

4 Bib + Tuck

Bib + Tuck describes itself as a “highly curated community of shoppable closets.” It’s actually more of a clothes swapping site as it uses virtual currency. When you sell an item, you accumulate “bucks” which you can then use to purchase other items from within the site. Use this site if you’re selling designer items, on-trend high street brands, or unique vintage finds. Brands that don’t meet the site’s curated nature will be rejected. Also, Bib + Tuck is a US based community for now.

5 Tradesy

Tradesy is an easy to use site that lets you upload images of items to sell in as quickly as 60 seconds. Tradesy accepts any brands, as long as the items are in good condition. When you list an item, the Tradesy team will even clean the backgrounds of your photos to make your images look more professional and appealing. When you make a sale, Tradesy keep 9% of the profit and will even send you a shipping kit in the mail.

6 Twice

Twice takes all the leg work out of selling your clothes. All you have to do is send in your clothing and the Twice team will review, measure, and professionally photograph your items. They’ll make you an offer on your items, which you can accept or reject. If you accept their offer you’ll get paid upfront but if you reject you can request your items back for a $5 fee. Twice is currently only available within the US but they do plan on expanding internationally.

7 Material Wrld

Material Wrld is an international fashion trade-in service for contemporary designer brands. You simply send in your designer clothing and they offer you gift cards from leading retailers based on the value of your clothing. Their current gift card partners are Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Shopbop. The site is very selective so make sure you check their guidelines and list of accepted brands.

Holding a garage sale or putting up a stall at the markets is great, but selling your clothes online has the potential to reach a larger audience. These are some sites worth checking out. Have you used any of these sites before?

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