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11 Standout Coverups to Complete Your Beach Look ...

By Keyaani

Having the best swimsuit cover-up is a fashion wardrobe must-have. These fashionable beach cover-ups can take you from the chilled out beach vibe, to glamorous eveningwear. Thanks to here’s a selection of the best swimsuit cover-ups. Have a peek at this list; from classic kaftans, easy dresses, playful rompers to elegant pareos, there’s a perfect beach cover-up for everyone.

1 A Dress That Goes beyond the Beach

clothing, day dress, dress, shoulder, joint,Topshop | $60

2 Celia Dragouni Embroidered Coton Kaftan

clothing, day dress, outerwear, sleeve, robe,Lemlem | $385


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3 A Gorgeous Crepe De Chine Cover-up

outerwear, sleeve, dress, day dress, coat,Ariana Degreas | $562

4 A Dress to Take You from the Beach to the Beach Bar

dress, day dress, clothing, black, cocktail dress,Topshop | $60

5 A Floral Mini to Throw over a Simple String Bikini

clothing, pink, dress, day dress, shoulder,Ted Baker London | $149

6 A Cheerful Floral Print Pareo

clothing, lilac, magenta, trousers,Dolce & Gabbana | $375

7 A Leopard Print Option That Walks on the Wild Side

waist, swimsuit bottom,H&M | $12.99

8 Stunning Halter Neck Crochet Maxi Dress

dress, day dress, neck, gown, cocktail dress,Anjuna | $676

9 A Cotton-blend Scarf You'll Live in All Summer Long

orange,Diane von Furstenberg | $178

10 Jacquard Cold Shoulder Cover-up

clothing, white, day dress, shoulder, joint,Topshop | $60

11 Convertible Cover-up Romper

dress, day dress, shoulder, little black dress, neck,Elan | $38

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