The Hottest Looks to Wear to Summer Music Festivals ...


The Hottest Looks to Wear to Summer Music Festivals ...
The Hottest Looks to Wear to Summer Music Festivals ...

As exciting as summer music festivals are, there's always the question of what to wear to festivals that baffles us. After all, it is as much about the fashion as it is about the music. So, here are a few festival outfit ideas that will keep you on trend and make you an Instagram star!

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S is for the Sheer Dress

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Sheer dresses will be everywhere this festival season and with good reason. They're gorgeous and so easy to style! So, if you're wondering what you should wear to a music festival, try a sheer dress. You can't go wrong with them!


Crop Top and Printed Shorts

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Feminine printed shorts embody the spirit of a music festival. Pair it with a simple crop top to keep all eyes on your shorts.


Say Yes to the Bralette

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Inner wear as outerwear is sexy AF and what better place to rock this style than at a music festival! Pair it with embroidered high waisted shorts.


Stick to the Basics

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clothing, fashion model, shoulder, waist, neck, $14.90 at

If a bralette is too much for you, just go the classic route with a cute crop top and high waisted shorts.


Denim Skirts Are Back!

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Dig deep into your closets and find your favorite denim skirt from the 90s (or just buy a new one). Pair it with a bralette and a fishnet top to look on trend.


Fringes Were Made for Festivals

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Fringe jackets are fun, earthy, and perfect for music festivals!


A White Maxi Dress

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There's nothing wrong with sticking with a good ol' maxi dress. Pair it with interesting loafers for that touch of magic.


Off Shoulder Tops

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Yes, they are still very much in! Hurrah!


Have Fun with Your Look

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Don't you just love this fun look?

With so many amazing options, you will never have to wonder what to wear to a music festival. Which was your favorite outfit idea?

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