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My favorite parts about summer are all of the sunny beach days, chilly nights and surprisingly enough, the unexpected showers. Call me crazy but I just love the fact that even a tiny hint of rain can balance out the harsh summer heat. But choosing the right rain boots that are thick enough to protect your feet, but light enough that you don't feel weighed down is important. It may not seem like it but there are plenty of ways for you to brave the weather and show of your street style without getting wet.

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Hunter Boots Are the Perfect Accessories for Your Summer Dress Days

Hunter Boots Are the Perfect Accessories for Your Summer Dress Days Get them here:

Hunter boots have made a giant splash in the rain gear world. Not only do they come in a variety of prints and colors, they're also really durable (not to mention totally cute). While the price is a little steep, their sleek finish makes them more than worth the splurge.


Not Only Are These Novel Dot Rain Boots from Target Completely Adorable, They're Also Super Versatile

Not Only Are These Novel Dot Rain Boots from Target Completely Adorable, They're Also Super Versatile Get them here:

You can never go wrong with a little color. These yellow rain boots are definitely rain appropriate, not to mention chic. It doesn't hurt that they can look cute or flirty, depending on whatever look you're going for.


Dirty Laundry's Riff Raff Rain Boots Are the Best Thing You Didn't Know You Needed

Get them here:

Find yourself a pair of boots that are very leather like in nature, and you've got yourself a great deal! Dirty Laundry's boots are a great example of this. I love seeing people wear these with their summer dresses. The best part about leather/faux leather rain boots is that you can totally rock them to work with none the wiser.


Fact: Animal Print is the New Neutral

Get them here:

Rain or sunshine, leopard print will never go out of style. West Blvd's leopard print rain boots are incredibly innovative and fashion forward. They also come at an affordable price, which makes them even more flawless.


Amazon's Fun and Flirty Printed Wellies Give off the Perfect Summer Vibes

Get them here:

Nothing will brighten your mood better than rocking a pair of equally bright floral wellies. There's something about these floral boots that makes them absolutely charming. There are so many styling possibilities!


Be Prepared to Freak out by Just How Toasty These Cole Haan Callie Shooties Will Keep Your Feet from Those Puddles

Get them here:

You don't want to get caught in a shower, but you're also not a big fan of the heavy rubber boot look. That's where Cole Haan's shooties come in. They're incredibly sturdy, and won't make you sacrifice style for the sake of comfort. It can't get any better than that!


Grab Helly Hansen's Veierland Boots in One of the Trendiest Colors of the Season

Get them here:

I don't think I've ever owned a pair of rain boots that have looked half as stylish as these. These are a little thicker, so I'd suggest wearing them during forecasted storms. Who said that all boots are made equal (and in the same color)?

How do you style your favorite rain boots? Let us know in the comments below!

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i must be the only person who still doesn't own a pair of Wellington boots. I still want to own one though...

Some of these wellies are cute. Rain can really chill you to the bone.

I really want a pair of hunters


I love my hunters!

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