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8 Ways to Style Your Ankle Boots This Season ...

By Sophia

How To Style Ankle Boots – this piece of advice will be your ticket to style success this fall/winter season. They’re a popular style of footwear and come in a range of designs. Knowing how to style ankle boots is guaranteed to having you staying ahead in the style stakes this season. Below are just a few tips on how to style ankle boots.

1 Colour Blocked

Colour blocking is still enjoying its time in the spotlight. Work two trends at once and team a pair of coloured boots with coloured jeans. Unlike ballet flats or loafers, ankle boots have a greater surface area, so colour blocking this way makes much more of an impact.

2 Solids + Patterns

Mixing and matching patterns is going to be a dominant trend this season. With so much going on with patterned outfits, its important to anchor the look with a solid coloured ankle boot. If you want to know how to style ankle boots with this trend stick to the rule of the busier the outfit, the more neutral the shoe.


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3 With Socks

The socks and shoes trend seems to gain popularity every time the temperature drops. This season, team a pair of lace-up heeled boots with a pair chunky knit socks. Scrunch down the socks over the tops of the shoes. Keep the rest of your legs streamlined in skinny jeans or by wearing tights. Play around with different colour combinations and textures.

4 To Party

Ankle boots look great with bared legs. Team them with a party frock for a fun nighttime look. It’s wise to maintain a sort of balance though. If your dress has a busy design then wear a pair of simple, neutral boots. Likewise, if your boots are quite eye-catching then keep the rest of your outfit fairly minimal. This idea of balance comes into play a lot when figuring out how to style ankle boots.

5 With Midi Lengths

Midi skirts are still a popular fashion choice so team a pair of ankle boots with a midi skirt this season. While some may advise you this is a fashion no-no, it’s all about getting the lengths right. Choose a platform ankle boot over a flat version, and make sure that there is some skin showing between the hem of the skirt and the shoe.

6 To Work

Dare to wear ankle boots to work this season. Team them with shift dresses, wide-legged trousers, or full A-line skirts. Keep the look polished with ankles boots in patent finishes and fuss-free designs.

7 Harnessed

Boot harnesses are great for adding a grunge-inspired touch to an outfit. Delicate gold chains with stiletto ankle boots are a stylish option, while more biker style harnesses are great for creating an off-duty look. You can easily buy boot harnesses or DIY a pair for yourself using chains, safety pins, and a bit of old-fashioned ingenuity.

8 Furry

It’s all about embellishments this season so give your boots a luxe edge with faux fur trims. A bit of faux fur trim peeking out the top of the boot is one way to add a bohemian touch to your outfit. Knowing exactly how to style ankle boots this way involves a lot of trial and error so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Knowing how to style ankle boots will serve you well when it comes to choosing different outfits. Lace-up styles are great for a casual daytime look, while embellished and stiletto heels are perfect for the dance floor. You can dress ankle boots up or down, depending on your style. What are your best tips for how to wear ankle boots?

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