Fashionistas Will Drool over These Summer Heels ...

By Sheila

Fashionistas Will Drool over These Summer Heels   ...

Here's a confession: I'm in an abusive relationship with high heels. Seriously, how can something that looks so good hurt SO BAD? Nevertheless, my love for heels will never fade. Here are some summer heels that will make you happy!

1 Beautiful Purple

2 Statement Shoes!

3 Laced up

4 Electric Blue

5 No Strings Attached

6 Color Block

7 Strappy Animal Print

8 Fun with Pompoms

9 Graphic Print

10 Bubblegum Pink

11 Floral Applique

12 Tan

13 Sunsets and Palm Trees

14 Cutout Heels

15 Pretty Ruffles

16 Nude Heels

17 Sexy Oxblood

18 Classic Black Strappy Heels

19 Watercolor Wedges

20 White Wings

21 Metallic Heels

22 Blue and Yellow

23 Touch of Red

24 Neon Yellow

25 Turquoise

26 Bejeweled at the Back

27 Color-block Wedges

28 Hot Pink

29 Classic Red

30 And Finally....

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