Stylish Girl's Guide to Rocking Band Tees like a Fashionista ...


Stylish Girl's Guide to Rocking Band Tees like a Fashionista ...
Stylish Girl's Guide to Rocking Band Tees like a Fashionista ...

If you are someone who loves music more than anything, it’s probably safe to assume that you have a band tee or two from all of the concerts that you been to over the years! Although tour merch and band tees aren't classically classed as ‘fashion’, there is no doubting that women can rock a super hot and on trend look if they know how to wear them and what to pair them with. Here is how to wear band tees and keep it hot and fashionable for the stylish girl!

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Where to Buy

fashion, fashion model, boutique, shoulder, outerwear, Not all of us are lucky enough to get to every concert that we want to, and this can cause a problem is you want the real deal tour merch to wear. Luckily, there are apps like Poshmark and Depop that have great resale sections of band tees, usually cheaper than places like Urban Outfitters that like to sell their own version of band merch. I think band tees always look cooler when you can tell that they are the real thing!


How to Style

blue, footwear, sitting, jeans, leg, The think about band tees is they tend to be slightly oversized, unisex style shirts, which is fine as long as you know how to style them appropriately. The classic look that never goes wrong is tucking one into a pair of jeans, paired with a cute statement belt. Band tees are always going to be more suited to a casual look, so a pair of on-trend sneakers are the perfect thing to set the outfit off.



clothing, shoulder, hairstyle, snapshot, joint, If you are going to be someone who commits themselves to the band tee look, then you need to make sure that you have more than two or three in your rotation! It can be really addictive to collect as many different bands and artists as possible, so take it upon yourself to treat band tees like Pokemon, gotta catch ‘em all!



hair, eyebrow, human hair color, black hair, girl, And again, just like Pokemon, the more obscure, the better! You don’t want to be the eighth girl in your class wearing a Run DMC shirt. Try to think outside of the box and collect tees that not everybody has. It will help your look to stand out.

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