Shoe Trends You Need to Follow This Summer ...

By Cassandra

Shoe Trends You Need to Follow This Summer ...

Am I the only one with the mindset that there's always an excuse to buy more shoes? Because I've always been more of a sneaker and flats person, finding a pair of sexy heels or wedges that fit perfectly feels like Christmas in July for me! Here are a few trends that shoe lovers are going to get a kick out of.

Table of contents:

  1. mint green is becoming the go-to color of the season (and we're loving it!)
  2. show off your sexy style by strutting in black cutout heels
  3. double ankle straps are the ultimate shoe porn
  4. color blocking is the quickest way to add some personality to your wardrobe
  5. red haute heels are a must for every girl's closet
  6. t-strap stilettos are super hot right now. if they're monochromatic, even better!
  7. shoes that are full of glitz and glamour are always in style
  8. the skinny straps accentuate your cute pedicure!
  9. if you're not big on heels, wedges are the perfect in-between
  10. these shoes combine two sexy trends: ankle straps and black platforms
  11. work it at your next girls' night by rocking dual tone shoes
  12. this fringe design is definitely boho chic
  13. i'm all about that lace!
  14. the monochrome trend is really popular in street style, especially in new york city
  15. get down with your bad self in sparkly platforms
  16. if you're a fan of stripes and all things nautical, you'll love these!
  17. this super hot mix of the metallic and color blocking trend is just killer

1 Mint Green is Becoming the Go-to Color of the Season (and We're Loving It!)

footwear,shoe,high heeled footwear,leg,spring, Source: Extravagant Shoes

2 Show off Your Sexy Style by Strutting in Black Cutout Heels

color,white,blue,red,image, Source: 15 Helpful Hacks To Make

3 Double Ankle Straps Are the Ultimate Shoe Porn

footwear,high heeled footwear,blue,electric blue,leg, Source: Club Women's Stiletto Heel Boots

4 Color Blocking is the Quickest Way to Add Some Personality to Your Wardrobe

footwear,clothing,leg,thigh,high heeled footwear, Source: 100 Gorgeous Shoes From Pinterest

5 Red Haute Heels Are a Must for Every Girl's Closet

high heeled footwear,footwear,leg,shoe,outdoor shoe, Source: Buy Platform Heels,Discount Platform Heels

6 T-Strap Stilettos Are Super Hot Right Now. if They're Monochromatic, Even Better!

footwear,clothing,high heeled footwear,shoe,leg, Source: Fashion Stiletto T Strap High

7 Shoes That Are Full of Glitz and Glamour Are Always in Style

footwear,high heeled footwear,shoe,brown,leg, Source: New Year's Eve Wedding Celebration

8 The Skinny Straps Accentuate Your Cute Pedicure!

footwear,white,clothing,pink,high heeled footwear, Source: 15 Shoe Styles Every Girl

9 If You're Not Big on Heels, Wedges Are the Perfect in-between

footwear,shoe,leg,high heeled footwear,spring, Source: Best Online Clothing & Fashion

10 These Shoes Combine Two Sexy Trends: Ankle Straps and Black Platforms

footwear,high heeled footwear,shoe,leg,thigh, Source: New Style Lady Women Fashion

11 Work It at Your Next Girls' Night by Rocking Dual Tone Shoes

high heeled footwear,footwear,shoe,leg,spring, Source: 100 Gorgeous Shoes From Pinterest

12 This Fringe Design is Definitely Boho Chic

footwear,leg,shoe,thigh,spring, Source: What To Wear To A

13 I'm All about That Lace!

high heeled footwear,footwear,red,leg,shoe, Source: [grzxy61900402]Bowknot Crochet Lace

14 The Monochrome Trend is Really Popular in Street Style, Especially in New York City

footwear,clothing,pattern,leg,fashion, Source: Venus Trapped in Mars

15 Get down with Your Bad Self in Sparkly Platforms

floor,plucked string instruments,string instrument,art,musical instrument, Source: Super Cool Shoes to Die

16 If You're a Fan of Stripes and All Things Nautical, You'll Love These!

footwear,high heeled footwear,shoe,leg,spring, Source: Sexy Women Fashion Work Mixed

17 This Super Hot Mix of the Metallic and Color Blocking Trend is Just Killer

footwear,high heeled footwear,shoe,leg,spring, Source: Steven by Steve Madden Women's

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