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Shoe Trends You Need to Follow This Summer ...

By Cassandra

Am I the only one with the mindset that there's always an excuse to buy more shoes? Because I've always been more of a sneaker and flats person, finding a pair of sexy heels or wedges that fit perfectly feels like Christmas in July for me! Here are a few trends that shoe lovers are going to get a kick out of.

1 Mint Green is Becoming the Go-to Color of the Season (and We're Loving It!)

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2 Show off Your Sexy Style by Strutting in Black Cutout Heels

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3 Double Ankle Straps Are the Ultimate Shoe Porn

footwear,high heeled footwear,blue,electric blue,leg,Source: Club Women's Stiletto Heel Boots

4 Color Blocking is the Quickest Way to Add Some Personality to Your Wardrobe

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5 Red Haute Heels Are a Must for Every Girl's Closet

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6 T-Strap Stilettos Are Super Hot Right Now. if They're Monochromatic, Even Better!

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7 Shoes That Are Full of Glitz and Glamour Are Always in Style

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8 The Skinny Straps Accentuate Your Cute Pedicure!

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9 If You're Not Big on Heels, Wedges Are the Perfect in-between

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10 These Shoes Combine Two Sexy Trends: Ankle Straps and Black Platforms

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11 Work It at Your Next Girls' Night by Rocking Dual Tone Shoes

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12 This Fringe Design is Definitely Boho Chic

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13 I'm All about That Lace!

high heeled footwear,footwear,red,leg,shoe,Source: [grzxy61900402]Bowknot Crochet Lace

14 The Monochrome Trend is Really Popular in Street Style, Especially in New York City

footwear,clothing,pattern,leg,fashion,Source: Venus Trapped in Mars

15 Get down with Your Bad Self in Sparkly Platforms

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16 If You're a Fan of Stripes and All Things Nautical, You'll Love These!

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17 This Super Hot Mix of the Metallic and Color Blocking Trend is Just Killer

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