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12 Sweet Scallop Style DIY Projects ...

By Meream

Scallop Style DIY Projects are perfect for those who love sweet details on their wardrobe. I admit that I am obsessed with all things scallop. And because I also happen to love crafts, I fall head over heels with scallop DIY style projects. I hope you do, too. Enjoy!

Table of contents:

  1. Belt
  2. Bag
  3. Collar
  4. Cuffs
  5. Skirt
  6. Dress
  7. Skirt ii
  8. Shorts
  9. Men's shirt
  10. Skirt iii
  11. Bikini top
  12. Headband

1 Belt

Now this is one adorable belt. I will make a list of DIY belts one of these days but this has to be included here. To make this, you will need to cut leather circles and then sew them to a ribbon. Very easy.


2 Bag

These bags look darling, don't they? I like this scallop style DIY idea because it is a great way to craft with scrap fabrics. For those who don't like colorful bags, you can opt for uniform fabric for all scallop layers.


3 Collar

Feel like giving a plain top a sweet scalloped treatment? Take a look at Casey's tutorial for making a scalloped collar. This tutorial is great for those who are thinking of going into dressmaking. Knowing the basics, such as sewing collars, is a good thing.


4 Cuffs

Here is another scallop style DIY that will be perfect for giving a boring piece of clothing a much-needed makeover. This is also great for using up fabric scraps.


5 Skirt

I made this skirt. And yes, it's one of my favorites. I did tell you I love scalloped details, right?


6 Dress

This tutorial, as you can see, is not for making a scalloped silhouette but for making scalloped patterns. Aren't they lovely? The faded style is all sorts of cute, too. I will definitely be trying this tutorial one of these days.


7 Skirt II

I love this scallop style DIY! There is something about the colors and the tulle used that reminds me of the beach. For experienced dressmakers, you can use this scallop tutorial for other projects.


8 Shorts

Here is a scalloped DIY tutorial that I cannot wait to try myself. You can use this to transform an old pair of shorts into something cuter. For my personal project, I will use a thrifted pair of pants.


9 Men's Shirt

I bet you can find a shirt in your husband's closet that will be a perfect candidate for this scalloped style DIY. Design variation: use your own button-down and add scallop details in different-colored fabric or lace.


10 Skirt III

This sewing tutorial is also for a skirt but unlike the one I made, this skirt's scalloped details are along the waistband. Cute, right? This tutorial is also fantastic for those interested in knowing how to sew circular skirt, by the way.


11 Bikini Top

Cut a scalloped fabric strip and sew to the sides of your bikini top. Wear to the beach and enjoy.


12 Headband

We cannot make a list of scalloped fashion DIYs without including an accessory for the hair. Check out the tutorial after the link to know how to make this darling scalloped headband.


So there you have DIY scalloped projects that you can try this week. These will make for adorable additions to your already-adorable wardrobe. Enjoy!

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