The Most Underrated Pieces in Your Wardrobe ...


The Most Underrated Pieces in Your Wardrobe ...
The Most Underrated Pieces in Your Wardrobe ...

When you find yourself in a fashion rut, it is easy to head to the shops and buy yourself a whole new collection of clothing, but the truth is that the answers to your problems can almost always be found in the items that you already have hanging in your closet! Rediscovering your style isn’t a case of just throwing lots of new things together, it’s about mastering the basics. Here are some of the most underrated pieces in your wardrobe. It’s time to give them more love!

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White Tee

jeans, clothing, denim, shoulder, snapshot, Don’t disregard a white tee as just something to sleep in or to wear around the house! Its genius is in its versatility, and you should think of a white tee as the base for any good layering outfit. The colour goes with anything, and the simple design complements anything from a leather jacket to a patterned cardigan. You can also pair it with extravagant accessories to elevate it.


Black Blazer

clothing, road, infrastructure, polka dot, snapshot, There is nothing quite like a well fitting black blazer. It can change you from simple worker bee to boss bitch in an instant, and the sharp sassiness of the cut makes you an immediately more powerful presence! You can just up a black blazer by pairing it with something fancier like a printed scarf tied in a pussy bow just like Coco Chanel.


Little Black Dress

footwear, joint, shoulder, little black dress, fashion model, Your LBD should always have a pride of place in your closet and enjoy a healthy rotation. These days some women only like to bring out black dresses from sombre or serious events, but they can have just as much impact for casual and fun times too. You can always add a few coloured accessories for nuance and layers.


Grey Sweater

jeans, clothing, denim, fashion model, shoulder, A good grey sweater is the perfect garment for pairing with a pair of skinny jeans when you want to have a stylish but low key day. It’s the kind of clothing that is perfect for these days when the nights are drawing in!


Old Jeans

jeans, clothing, denim, shoulder, outerwear, Torn jeans are all the rage right now, so why wouldn’t you still be rocking your old favourite pairs that have been laying in the back of the closet? There is just something about the perfect fit of well worn in jeans that can’t be beaten, so continue to wear these rather than investing in new trends for the sake of it.

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