The Most πŸ’― Underrated Pieces πŸ‘šπŸ‘— in Your Wardrobe πŸšͺ ...

When you find yourself in a fashion rut, it is easy to head to the shops and buy yourself a whole new collection of clothing, but the truth is that the answers to your problems can almost always be found in the items that you already have hanging in your closet! Rediscovering your style isn’t a case of just throwing lots of new things together, it’s about mastering the basics. Here are some of the most underrated pieces in your wardrobe. It’s time to give them more love!

1. White Tee

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Don’t disregard a white tee as just something to sleep in or to wear around the house! Its genius is in its versatility, and you should think of a white tee as the base for any good layering outfit. The colour goes with anything, and the simple design complements anything from a leather jacket to a patterned cardigan. You can also pair it with extravagant accessories to elevate it.

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