12 Things You Must Have in Your Wardrobe ...


12 Things You Must Have in Your Wardrobe ...
12 Things You Must Have in Your Wardrobe ...

Things You Must Have in Your Wardrobe **range from clothing items to accessories. Many of the **things you must have in your wardrobe are items that could save you behind on daily basis just as well as those must-have items that are going to keep you chic, elegant and dressed to perfection in pretty much any other occasion! Now, I’m sure already have some of them so let me give you a complete list of all things you must have in your wardrobe if you want to look awesome without too much effort:

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Great Pair of Jeans

A truly amazing, stunning jeans that fit like they have been tailored exclusively for you are one of the things you must have in your wardrobe if you want to be able to pull off a high-end casual chic. Cheap jeans rarely fit perfectly and, even if they do, they start falling apart very quickly so paying a bit more for a pair you’ll certainly get to wear as much as you please is a smart move.


Silk Blouse

Silk blouse is basically a classic white shirt’s posh sister so if you already have one sibling, you must make a note to yourself to acquire the other as soon as possible. And just like a plain white shirt that had probably saved your business look more than once, an extravagant, elegant silk blouse is going to do the same for your evening or black tie outings.


A Fabulously Classic Skirt

Pencil, A line or Flare – the skirt your choose as your “all-occasion-skirt” must flatter your body shape perfectly and be made of high-quality materials that will allow you to use for work and outings whenever you want. It’s versatile, it can be made to look elegant, smart, glamorous all depending on the occasion and it’s certainly one of the things you must have in your wardrobe!


Little Black Dress

Now, do I even need to explain why a little black dress is one of the things you must have in your wardrobe? I won’t, I simply won’t because I know you’ve mastered that one. And, don’t worry because, nowadays, a little black dress doesn’t have to be black at all!


Awesome Huge Bag

The bag you choose doesn’t have to resemble a carryon luggage but it has to be big enough to hold all items you might need during your day as well as a few items you might choose to add during the course of that day. Don’t be afraid to splurge a bit here because a truly fabulous, good quality bag could last you years and still look the way it did on the day you first bought it.


Camel-Toned Coat

This classic, everlasting piece has been featured in too many breathtaking movie scenes and helped the heroine look as feminine, as chic and beautiful and well dressed as you could ever imagine yourself being. So, why can’t we “steal” this fab piece from the movie industry? After waiting in so many lines, buying so many tickets and eating so many buckets of popcorns, we certainly deserve it!


Leather Gloves

Short or classy, elbow length- the choice is yours to make it and I’m sure you’ll do it because wool or even fur simply can’t give that air of sophistication and class a simple accessory such as a pair of leather glowers has been providing for years and even decades!


Classic Mid-Heel Court Shoes

Next on my list of things you must have in your wardrobe is a pair of black, patent court shoes. Nothing too flashy or too extravagant, no sky-high platforms or uncomfortable 15cm heels – just a pair of good old, always good to go and always stunning court shoes that can be worn for work, party, elegant dinner or a posh black tie event.


Elegant Pair of Pants

Combine them with elegant blouses and shirts for a smart but stylish business look or wear a sexy or classy top and see them transform into an absolutely perfect piece of evening attire. Pretty neat, huh? A great pair of good-quality, well-selected pants will keep your imagination coming up with fresh, interesting outfits for years before you finally choose to replace them with a new pair.


Floral Print Day Dress

From day weddings to afternoon coffees and even work – a day dress, especially floral one is an all-occasion must have you certainly shouldn’t pass by without taking a second look. It’s going to get you out of many tricky situations making you looks effortlessly fabulous and totally hiding the fact that you had no idea what to wear!


An Eye-Catching Scarf

Choose animal prints, sequins, well-known designer patterns, geometric prints or basically anything that looks like it could chic-up the clothes you already have in your closet. Scarves are the most inexpensive way to look absolutely glamorous and dressed to kill so don’t be surprised if you get hooked up on them!


Dark Blazer

And the last thing on my list of things you must have in your wardrobe is the always needed, always smart dark blazer! I personally prefer longer ones because I believe they make the female figure look nicer but if you’re short, you might want to opt for shorter ones. A dark blazer can be smart, elegant, edgy, stylish, chic and even punk so invest in a perfect piece and enjoy wearing it!

Yup, these are the things you must have in your wardrobe but, don’t worry – buying them all does require some time, sometimes even a few years! Let me know if there a must-have item I’ve overlooked in my list of things you must have in your wardrobe. If there's something crucial that I’ve failed to include in my list of things you must have in your wardrobe, such as a WOC, don't leave me hanging! Do you think having a wallet-on-chain is a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone by getting a fab wallet and a fab evening bag all in one?

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