Clever 😏 and Simple πŸ‘πŸΌ Tricks to Extend ⏳ the Life of Your Bra πŸ‘™ ...


Don’t you hate when a favorite bra wears out too quickly? Bummer, right? With these tricks you can make your favorite bra, as well as all the rest of your bras, have a longer life. This saves you money and lets you hang onto bras you love.

1. Check Your Bra Adjustments

This is something that’s often neglected when you think of ways to extend the life of your bra. Check your bra adjustments. If your bra isn’t adjusted correctly, it can strain the bra and make it stretch out. Look in the mirror when you adjust your bra. If you have lumps, bumps, indentations and riding up in the wrong places then you’re due for an adjustment or maybe even need a different size.

Use Gentle Detergent & Skip the Bleach
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