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31 Women Who Prove Chubby Girls Look Awesome in Crop Tops ...

By Sabrina

An O Magazine article once claimed that only women with flat stomachs could pull off a crop top and it was probably the rudest thing I've seen! Clearly, the author hadn't seen any of this gorgeous curvy girls who instantly disprove that theory! If you've ever doubted your ability to rock a crop top based on something as petty as the numbers on a scale or clothing tag size, look at these inspiring photos of women who prove O Magazine was wrong about chubby girls!

1 Fun in the Sun

Fun in the SunSource: Curvy Girl Chic's Allison Teng
This adorable summer outfit completely dispels the myth that a flat stomach is required to look great in a crop top!

2 Colorful Curves

Colorful CurvesSource: Style Chic 360: Vacation Style
This woman looks absolutely stunning in a colorful maxi and bright blue crop top! I can't imagine her looking any more amazing without her voluptuous curves!

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3 Dare to Bare

Dare to BareSource: Trendy Plus Size Fashion Looks
This gorgeous woman dares to bare more than just her mid drift, but also her curvy legs in stylish high waisted shorts. I wonder what O Magazine would have to say about that fierce fashion statement!

4 Street Style Glam

Street Style GlamSource: 18 Cozy Fall Looks Spotted
There's so much right going on in this photo... how can someone think it's wrong? From head to toe, she rocks her unique street style and works every inch of beauty on her body.

5 Bold in Every Way

Bold in Every WaySource: My Curves & Curls™ A
This woman isn't afraid to be bold in her choice of haircut, patterns, or bright colors. Everything combined with her glowing confidence is what makes her truly gorgeous!

6 Incredible Ivory

Incredible IvorySource:
It's hard to pull off white, whether you're a size 2 or 22! But this woman defies the odds and kills it in this incredible ivory two piece!

7 Come Again, O Mag?

Come Again, O Mag?Source: Curvy is the new black
What is it that's necessary to rock a crop top? A FLAT belly? I'm sorry, but it looks like she's bearing it all and still is a 10/10!

Vigt Perfect size. Perfect Outfit. Perfect Belly Button...

8 Gabi Fresh

Gabi FreshSource: 10 Plus Size Style Mavens
Gabby Fresh is a beautiful curvy woman whose clothing line just might change your life! If not, this fashionable photo will at least change your opinion of curvy girls in crop tops!

9 Mindy Kaling

Mindy KalingSource: Mindy Kaling Shuts Down Rude
Can Mindy Kaling do any wrong? She looks flawless in this photo and completely rocks her black crop top!

10 Back to Black

Back to BlackSource: Gostei deste produto do Portal
Black is such a flattering color, that it makes almost everyone look better! Curvy girls are no exception to the rule!

11 Someone Call 911...

Someone Call 911...Source: "Gissel" Scallop Lace Crop Top
Because this girl is on fire! This smoking red lace ensemble is too sexy to be true!

12 Zelie

ZelieSource: First Look: Zelie for She
Zelie, a plus size designer, knows both how to create the clothes and how to rock them! This two piece is to die for and I can't imagine it looking much better on anyone else!

13 Oh Woah Bandeau

This fiercely real woman shows off her curvaceous beauty wearing only a bandeau and high waisted pants and working both!

14 Flawless

The shirt really says it all with this one! As long as you're healthy and happy, you are flawless!

15 Ashley Graham

Ashley GrahamSource: Meet the 15 Fiercest Plus-Size
Ashley Graham is a model and lingerie designer—aka she knows how to look sexy with and without clothes! Here, she proves just that, working a classic white crop top and black pencil skirt!

16 Stand out

Stand outSource: Claire’s Life: Essence Magazine’s 7th
You would definitely stand out in a crowd wearing such an interesting peplum skirt and showing off a perfectly curved figure!

17 Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia AboulhosnSource: BooHoo - Plus Sadie Crop
Blogger and model Nadia Aboulhosn not only has eyebrows that could launch a thousand ships (because wow!) but also has an incredible sense of style and knows how to make her body look spectacular in anything!

18 Stunning Sequins

Stunning SequinsSource:
I don't know that I would be daring enough to wear something as flamboyant as this, but she certainly rocks it! This outfit is totally unique, high fashion, and perfect for women of any size!

19 Simply Striking

Simply StrikingThis outfit is effortless yet amazing! You could definitely pull this off, too!

20 Beach Bound

Beach BoundSource: 18 Fashion Bloggers You Need
This curvy girl looks like she's ready for a day of fun in the sun at Cape Cod or the Hamptons. No matter her size, she wears happiness well!

21 H-O-T Pink

H-O-T PinkSource:
This plus-sized beauty looks stunning in her pink ensemble! Every inch of curves only makes her more pretty!

22 Gorgeous Goth

Gorgeous GothSource: Curves are Sexy!
Looking "goth" isn't necessarily just a rebellious 13 year old girl phase! Looking goth can mean wearing edgy, fashionable attire without caring what other people think—just like this gorgeous woman!

23 Fed up

Fed upSource: Love ALL Chubby Girls
I can tell that she and the cat on her shirt are both fed up with people telling women what to wear!

24 Sheer

SheerSource: Buxom Beauties
Anything sheer is instantly sexier in my opinion! She looks like she just stepped out of 2004 with her retro haircut and unique ensemble—I love it!

25 Flash of Skin

Flash of SkinSource: Nadia Aboulhosn x Boohoo Plus
She flashes a little tummy here, a little leg there, and looks incredible!

26 Natalie Craig

Natalie CraigSource: Natalie in the City
Fashionista Natalie Craig takes the city by storm with her amazing sense of style and exuberant confidence!

27 Jordin Sparks

Jordin SparksSource: Pushing the boundaries! Lady Gaga
Jordin Sparks's outfits are always on point! This one in particular is really unique and striking!

28 Pinup Girl

My favorite look of all time has got the be the pinup look! And she pulls it off wonderfully! From her hair and makeup to her teasing outfit, it just screams pinup!

29 Office Party

Office PartySource: Plus Size Windowpane Print Skirt
This look mixes office chic with edgy fun and I absolutely adore it!

30 My Thoughts Exactly!

My Thoughts Exactly!Source:
When I read that statement in O Magazine, the only words I could think of were "STFU". Not only does she look great, but she's sending the sassy message she wants to communicate.

31 Grunge

GrungeSource: Cozy Holiday
Nothing beats a good grunge look! This outfit brings together so many different elements to show off a great body and make a fashion statement!

Clearly, no one can decide who looks good and who looks bad in certain clothing. It's all based on you personally and your level of confidence and comfort. But I am certain if you're a chubby girl, you could pull off any one of these looks! Which one is your favorite?

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