These Classic TV Icons Will Influence Your Holiday Style ...

We all have our favorite TV style icons, but when it comes to holiday style, things get a little trickier. They can inspire us still, but you’re probably on the hunt for new style icons around this time of the year as well. I don’t know about you, but my style icons completely change around the holiday season. If you’re looking for holiday style inspiration, look no further than this list of classic TV style icons. Some are from decades ago, others are still on your TV every Thursday night, and multiple people have even played some of these characters! If you’re having trouble coming up with style ideas this holiday season, these amazing TV characters will definitely inspire your winter wardrobe!

1. Olivia Pope

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Olivia Pope is known for her super stylish and chic coats, so it’s hard to imagine holiday style without being a little bit influenced by the main character of Scandal. If you’re looking for style that’s sophisticated and chic, you really can’t go wrong with Olivia Pope’s signature style.

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