Frightening ๐Ÿ™€ Fashion Mistakes ๐Ÿ‘—That Make You Look Heavier โž• ...


Certain choices in clothing or accessories can actually make you look heavier. If youโ€™re self-conscious about your size then this is the last thing that you want. A little knowledge can be very helpful to have a slim and trim look. Avoid these fashion mistakes that make you look heavier!

1. Wearing Clothes That Are Too Tight

Wearing clothes that are too tight can actually make you appear heavier. They draw attention to all the lumps and bumps youโ€™re trying to hide. I know that itโ€™s tempting to try to squeeze into a smaller size so you can have the mental victory of knowing youโ€™re โ€œinโ€ that size. Iโ€™ve been tempted to do that myself! But wearing clothing that truly fits you will look better and not add an extra 10 pounds.

Wearing Shapeless Clothing
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