You Won't Believe This Easy Trick to Gain Confidence ...

By Alicia

You Won't Believe This Easy Trick to Gain Confidence ...

Do you see bold and exciting styles in fashion but you’re afraid to branch out and try them? This article has the secrets you need to gain confidence. These’re 7 easy steps to take to express your own sense of style. Others will soon be asking you what your secret is to being so confident.

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1 Get Inspired

Before you can start expressing your personal sense of style, you have to know what you like. Page through some magazines or scroll through Pinterest for inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to get inspired for clothing looks. You can save pins you love and use them when you shop to find similar outfits. Not only is this helpful to you but it’s also fun!

2 Ask Yourself if Someone Fashionably Bold Would Wear It

I use this tip. When I’m not sure if I can pull something off, I think of someone I admire who’s fashionably bold and ask myself if they would wear it. If they could get by with it then so can I. And so can you! You can be just as fashionable and exciting in your clothing choices as the next girl.

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3 Wear One Thing You Love That Makes You Slightly Nervous

Most of you have a clothing or accessory item tucked back in your closet that you absolutely love but you feel nervous about wearing. Take the plunge and wear it anyways! Worried what others will say? They just might say how much they love it and how gorgeous it looks on you. You could become the person they admire for being fashionably bold.

4 Dress for Your Body Type

You’re going to feel most confident when you dress for your body type. All of us have unique bodies. Therefore, it’s all about finding what clothing styles work best for you. If you need help, do some research into this subject. There’re tons of fashion tips for tall, petite and plus size women. There’re also tips for being apple 🍏, pear 🍐, banana 🍌 and other body shapes.

5 Overcome Your Fear of Color

Stuck in the neutral rut? It can easily happen. Some of us just feel most comfortable in those shades. While neutrals are always a lovely choice, you’re missing out on the fun of color. Start building your confidence in this by adding a pop of color through an accessory like a bold bag 👜, a patterned scarf or a playful statement necklace. Soon you’ll be branching out into colorful tops and dresses.

6 Overdressed is Better than Underdressed

When in doubt, choose to dress up. 👗 It’s always better to be a bit overdressed than underdressed. Not only will you always look fabulous but you’ll model a style others admire. Don’t you always admire those who dress impeccably? You may even find you’re becoming the trend setter of your circle. 👠

7 Own Your Look

Lastly, you just have to own your look! Even if you don’t feel confident, pretend that you are. There’s a lot of truth in the advice to fake it till you make it. If you pretend that you’re confident then it won’t be long until you begin to feel that way. And why shouldn’t you be confident? You’re your own uniquely beautiful self and no one in the world is exactly like you!

These’re some tips to help you gain confidence. What outfit makes you feel most confident? I’d love to hear from you.

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Keep your rude comments to yourself. It was an excellent fashion article about gaining confidence! I got it, good job!

How's this fashion?

Eponine they r trying to explain that if u need to be confident and not caring about anyone . If u didnt get it read it again and read the lines under the articles if u got what i meant idk😂

How is this about gaining confidence?

Great article. I liked the most to wear something I love that makes me slightly nervous. And the others were very good too.

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