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Many of us would love to know how to dress elegantly. To know how to dress elegantly means you are dressing in a way that goes beyond fashion and trends. It is a special way of dressing that catches the attention of others, not because of the style, but because dressing elegantly means to dress with beauty and grace.

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Realize Simplicity is Elegant

The first step in how to dress elegantly is to realize that simplicity is elegant. Look at any picture of a woman that you consider to be elegant and see if she doesn’t dress with simplicity. Many times, this means wearing solids rather than patterns, but not always. It may be a simple sheath dress. You should not underestimate the power of dressing with simplicity.



Elegance is not about wearing flashy or expensive clothes, but rather about choosing pieces that are timeless and well-fitted. This means opting for classic silhouettes and neutral colors such as black, white, and beige. Additionally, incorporating quality fabrics like silk, cashmere, and wool can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Another key aspect of simplicity is avoiding excessive accessories and keeping your makeup and hair natural and understated. By focusing on simplicity, you can create an elegant and effortless look that will never go out of style.


Wear Only What Works for You

If you want to look good, you must know what works for you. This means that you figure out what colors are best for you. It means that you know what style and fit of jeans, skirts and dresses are most flattering for your body type. Know what works for you and refuse to compromise, even if an item is on sale. It is better to pay a bit more and look lovely than to buy something on sale that does not do you justice.


Go for Classic Pieces

Some pieces of clothing and accessories are just timeless. They stand the test of time because they never lose their appeal. A few pieces that I can think of are a little black dress, nude pumps, diamond studs and a strand of pearls. These pieces work now the same as they did 25 years ago and are all very elegant. Purchasing pieces like these is a wise decision and another step toward dressing elegantly.


Never Underestimate a Good Bag

You can't underestimate the power of a good bag. A good bag can make you look totally put together. It doesn’t have to be a name brand bag although there are many beautiful name brand purses. Basically what you are looking for is clean lines, something that catches the eye but is still understated. It is the kind of bag that you know it when you see it.


Find Your Own Style

Finding your own style takes time but it is an important part of dressing elegantly. If you aren’t sure what you like and what feels right to you, you will not feel or look comfortable in your clothing. There are several things that can help you identify your style. There are many quizzes you can find online to help you. You can also just look in your closet and see what clothing themes appear repeatedly.


Carry Yourself with Poise

Believe it or not, things like posture and confidence matter in what kind of aura you give off. Having good posture and looking confident can absolutely make you look more elegant. Think about this. Have you ever seen a woman that was elegantly dressed that looked uncomfortable in her clothing? Most likely the answer is no and it isn’t because of what she had on. It was because she was confident in who she was, not just what she was wearing.


Learn to Love Neutrals

If you want to dress elegantly, learning to love neutrals is essential to that. For me, black is one of the most tasteful choices you can make if you want to dress elegantly. This is not to say you can’t wear color or patterns. But realizing the importance of neutrals is helpful. Then you can mix up some patterns and color with those neutrals.

Dressing elegantly is something any of us can do. What are your thoughts? What tips do you follow to dress elegantly?

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hair and makeup does count

don't take 30 yr old hand me downs from your 65 year old mother in law & wear what you are confident in not what someone shopping with you thinks is "you".

Being elegant doesn't just mean dressing elegantly. Being elegant is treating everyone with respect, having a wide variety of vocabulary and being well educated. Great article!

feeling good is looking good just gotta have some class

elegant means limiting the amount of skin on display. beware of necklines, midriff and skirt lengths. sexy is good but too much skin is just skanky!!!

I dress glamorous :)

you always have to know what looks good on you. and if it doesn't look good but you like it, wear it like it's the impost beautiful thing in he world!

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