Top 11 Best Black Blazers You've Got to Own ...

The classic black blazer is a staple in any girlโ€™s closet, but how can you find the best black blazers out there if you donโ€™t know where to look first? The best black blazers will fit you beautifully, have a little unique twist to them and will be perfect for a day out with the girls or even for the office. Iโ€™ve got all of the top black blazers below, these are all tested, tried and so beautiful!

1. Helmut Lang Smoking Tux Blazer

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I love the cut of this particular blazer and thatโ€™s why it is one of the best black blazers out there! Itโ€™s got a notch lapel, long sleeves and it has four covered buttons at the cuff. The front slit pockets are amazing and this particular blazer has a single front button closure!

Price: $575.00 at

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