7 Great Stores to Shop for Petites ...


7 Great Stores to Shop for Petites ...
7 Great Stores to Shop for Petites ...

To find clothes that fit me properly, I have had to develop a go-to list of stores to shop for petites. For petite women, it can be very frustrating to go into a store and see clothes that you love and not be able to wear any of them because they are too big. I realize that clothes can be tailored, but I don’t want to spend the time or money to tailor my clothes. When I go to these stores to shop for petites, I never have to worry that I won’t be able to find something that fits. In fact there is so much to choose from at these stores it is almost like Christmas for me.

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Ann Taylor

One of my favorite stores to shop for petites is Ann Taylor. I especially love their pants, which come in different cuts and always fit. However, the selection of all their clothes is unbelievable! They have such a large variety of petite clothes that sometimes I feel like it is a store exclusively for petites. In addition to having a large variety, their clothes are also made really well and are very sophisticated, which is plus if you are on the small side. I always look like a chic, adult woman when I wear their clothes.

You can find Ann Taylor petite clothes at anntaylor.com



A subsidiary of Ann Taylor, Loft also has a large selection of petite clothes. In general, Loft’s clothes are a little less expensive and a little more casual than Ann Taylor’s clothes, but the quality and selection is just as a good. If you happen to be teacher, Loft has special offers for teachers, including 15 percent off every full price purchase! This is great for petite teachers who are on a budget, but still want to look stylish in the classroom.

You can find Loft petite clothes at loft.com


Banana Republic

Banana Republic is another store I frequent. I love the simple style and cut of their clothes. I also love that their special collections, like the L’Wren Scott collection, come in petites sizes. Often stores don’t include petite clothes in the special collections, so I appreciate that Banana Republic does. Another plus to shopping at Banana Republic is their pants come in narrower hip widths, which is great if you have a more boyish figure.

You can find Banana Republic petite clothes at bananarepublic.gap.com


J. Crew

I do not shop at J. Crew often because their prices are a bit high for my budget, but they do have a wonderful selection of petite clothes. Many of J. Crew’s clothes have a relaxed vibe, but they also have structured pieces that are great for work. In fact, they have a whole collection of suit options for petites! They also carry a variety of bridesmaids’ dresses in petite sizes, which is useful to know if you are planning a wedding.

You can find J. Crew petite clothes at jcrew.com



As a newcomer to ASOS, I feel like I arrived a little late to the party. However, it is always better late than never. ASOS has so many petite clothes to choose from. They come in such a wide range of prices and styles that there really is something for everyone. The last time I checked they had over 700 clothing items to choose from! You could spend an afternoon just browsing the petite section.

You can find ASOS petite clothes at us.asos.com



There are very few department stores that carry a wide selection of petite clothes; most of the time only a tiny section of the store has petite clothes. Nordstrom is different, and I actually look forward to shopping in their petite section because I know I will have many choices. They have even more petite clothes online, which is one reason to spend an afternoon shopping in your pajamas. However, if you have small feet it is worth the trip to the store. Their selection of smaller sized shoes is unbelievable. It is like being in shoe heaven for a petite girl. I wear a size 5 shoe, and even I can find shoes I like at Nordstrom.

You can find Nordstrom petite clothes at shop.nordstrom.com


Victoria’s Secret

I know the first thing everyone thinks of when they think of Victoria’s Secret is bras. However, you might be surprised to learn they have a really good selection of petite clothes. I buy all of my leggings and yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret because they come in petite sizes, which means my yoga pants won’t be dragging on the floor all the time. I don’t just limit myself to loungewear at Victoria’s Secret, although they do have pajamas for petites as well. I also buy shirts, dresses, and skirts from their clothing line. The shirts always fit me in the shoulders and arms, which isn’t always the case thanks to my small fame. If you have never shopped Victoria’s Secret clothing line, I suggest taking a look. You might be surprised at how many items there are to choose for a petite woman.

You can find Victoria’s Secret clothes here victoriassecret.com

If you are petite like I am, you know how frustrating it can be to shop for clothes. These stores take the frustration out of shopping. I actually look forward to buying clothes when I shop at these stores because I always find something I like. What is your favorite petite clothing store?

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thank you so much for posting this article!

I've also found buying jeans at the Buckle to be the best. The Miss Me's fit the best at the 29" inseam.

Thank you for this article. Petites are hard to find where I live.

it's not my favorite place to shop, but alot of times I end up in the little girls section. Especially for bathing suit tops. And I am 49 years old for christ sake!

The buckle has free alternations w/oringinal hem-- I do suggest everyone needs to alter there clothes--not everything but pants skirts dresses...

Victorias Secrets sweatpants run bigg and baggy!!

@Brunetteshavefun - Petite is anyone who is 5'4 and below.

Thank you so much for this article

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