Top 7 Fashion DIY Sites ...

Fashion DIY Sites are sometimes the best stumbled upon - like finding a pearl in an oyster, a diamond in the rough, money in your pocket. You know, those sorts of lovely things. I am obsessed with Fashionable DIYs and make a new piece for my wardrobe at least once a week. Where do I get inspired? Here are my Top 7 Fashion DIY Sites:

1. LoveMaegan

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If you’re looking to be fashionably inspired, …Love Maegan is where it’s at. This woman is brilliant when it comes to DIY and even more so when it comes to putting together a lavish look. To me she is known for her amazing Shoe Accessories. Brilliant from turning your everyday pumps into a work of art – affordably. …Love Maegan has to be one of my favorite go-to Fashion DIY Sites to date.

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