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Top 7 Fashion DIY Sites ...

By Tairalyn

Fashion DIY Sites are sometimes the best stumbled upon - like finding a pearl in an oyster, a diamond in the rough, money in your pocket. You know, those sorts of lovely things. I am obsessed with Fashionable DIYs and make a new piece for my wardrobe at least once a week. Where do I get inspired? Here are my Top 7 Fashion DIY Sites:

1 LoveMaegan
If you’re looking to be fashionably inspired, …Love Maegan is where it’s at. This woman is brilliant when it comes to DIY and even more so when it comes to putting together a lavish look. To me she is known for her amazing Shoe Accessories. Brilliant from turning your everyday pumps into a work of art – affordably. …Love Maegan has to be one of my favorite go-to Fashion DIY Sites to date.

2 Honestly… WTF

With a brilliant amount of Fashionable DIYs, Honestly… WTF is by far another favorite Fashion DIY Site of mine. All with easy tutorials and images of step by step instructions. This Fashion Site will not only inspire you but have you saving your pennies from crafting all your accessories from this day on.

3 P.S. - I Made This

P.S. - I Made
If you don’t fall head over heels in love with the Fashionable DIYs on this site you must be wearing flats. These DIYs are out of this world. Where these ladies come up with some of this stuff is a mystery to me. This Fashion DIY Site has inspired me time and time again. Make sure you visit P.S. – I made this the next time you’re in a DIY rutt.

4 I Spy DIY

I Spy
The name is just as catchy as the DIYs they have to share. Being inspired themselves they design their creations about what they see on you and me. It’s pretty brilliant really. With over 4,300 Fans I guess they are doing something right. I’m not the only one who loves them so. I spy DIY is another Fashionable DIY Site you’re not going to wanna skip.

5 Glitter N’ Glue

Glitter N’
Glitter n’ Glue is one that I get each and every day in my inbox. Great enough for me to subscribe, that’s for sure. She has so much fun with her Fashionable DIYs that it has me wishing to hang out with her any chance I could get. It’s really too bad I don’t live closer to her as she hosts Blogger DIY Events all the time. Insert #SadFace. Ah well it’s a good thing I have a sister in law who loves to CRAFT with me. Glitter n’ Glue is by far one of the best Fashion DIY Sites I catch myself pinning on pinterest for future projects.

6 CraftGawker
The name couldn’t be more perfect. Craft Gawker is a site that shares one image, with links, of an amazing craft to inspire and intrigue you. With their designs coming from Fashionable Bloggers world wide – this site will hands down keep your mind busy and fingers crafting. I would have to say this is another ultimate favorite Fashion DIY Site of mine.

7 Little Miss Mama

Little Miss
Although I don’t think I quite have as many Fashionable DIYs as these sites above, I do think I have enough quality and unique designs that I should be able to play with the big boys. Don’t you? With a regular post called Designer on a Dime, I am inspired by Designer digs and recreating them for the everyday Fashionable Fem. Not everyone can spend millions on their accessories wardrobe so I make fashion affordable and fun! Fashion DIY Sites come in all sizes and with the amount of DIYs I do a week I think Little Miss Mama could contend.

Did I miss any? I would love to hear where you are inspired for your next Fashionable DIY. Comment below and let me in on your little secrets. Where are your favorite Fashion DIY Sites?

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