7 Tips for Wearing Sheer Blouses ...

Knowing how to wear sheer blouses can determine whether your outfit becomes sexy or sophisticated. The sheer trend is still going strong and a sheer blouse is one of the easiest ways to wear the look. A basic sheer shirt in a neutral colour can be styled to create a range of different looks. Make this look work for you and check out the following tips on how to wear a sheer blouse.

1. Layer It

One tip for how to wear sheer blouses involves some smart layering. Since sheer blouses often show what’s underneath, a slip worn below is a wise choice. Make things more interesting by teaming a neutral blouse with a colourful slip. Alternatively show off a stylish bra or crop top underneath for a more daring look. When layering over the top, pair a sheer blouse with a blazer for some structure or a knit sweater for warmth.