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5 Top Fashion Picks for That Ginger Guy in Your Life ...

By Diana

Most guys don't really think about what they're wearing, they throw on a shirt and a pair of jeans and are ready to go. But if you ladies are looking to dress up your guy, especially for those holiday family get togethers, listen up on how you can help him look his best with the help of the fashion gurus at Style Pilot. They are back guest blogging with us today to share 5 Top Fashion Picks for that Ginger Guy in your Life...

From "Hey, Ginger!" to "Hello, Ginger…" Style Pilot's style guide for Redheads...

Women master the use of colour to look their best. They can turn to make-up, hair, jewellery and a much broader clothing colour palette than men to enhance natural features (or to create new ones). Men, on the other hand, work with a narrower range of colour choices, and don't usually rely on makeup and cosmetic "miracles" to enhance their looks.

Speaking of fashion, colouring and men, ginger has never been hotter. Many fashion houses, magazines and blogs have been adopting redheads for campaigns, editorials and following stylish gingers for street style. Harry is now the handsome prince, Bowie-inspired looks are among this winter's hottest trends and Rupert Grint has grown into as much of an icon as Daniel Radcliffe.

Redheads have a specific recommended colour palette. If that's your colouring, there's a few tricks you can rely on to look your best. This doesn't mean your shopping habits should change completely, but you can work on getting the best out of details to enhance your natural look. Take notes:

1 You do Look Your Best in Earthy Tones....

You do Look Your Best in Earthy Tones....Photo Credit

This doesn't mean dressing in oatmeal tweed all the time. You can find more appealing items in natural hues that will enhance your colouring. Beige chinos or cords are a great way to start. They're classic and, if cut properly, will set you apart from the indigo-clad crowds. There are also nice shades of rust, cinnamon, orange and olive that aren't at all frumpy and will look great on a jacket, jumper or polo. Another tip: dump the grey and white classics and look for earthy tones on t-shirts to wear underneath over shirts, jackets and cardigans. Finish your look with brown leather accessories instead of black (shoes, belts, briefcases and even wallets). You can take the idea even further by investing in a beautiful brown leather jacket like this one and making it your signature look.

2 Make Small Changes when You Shop for "the Basics"....

Make Small Changes when You Shop for "the Basics"....Photo Credit

These trousers will set you apart from the crowds and suit your colouring perfectly. You won't turn your back to what men’s wardrobes are mainly made of, rather than making them work for you: If you're buying a grey suit, which seems to be an unescapable modern men's staple, go towards warmer shades of grey and avoid blueish, charcoal and cooler hues. Every man should own white shirts. Make sure yours are slightly off-white, ivory or creamy, as opposed to optical white. Your trench coat can be of a warmer, darker shade of beige instead of pale beige, and don't be afraid of a military green trench if you come across one. They'll suit you beautifully.


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3 Go Green. It's the Best Colour for Redheads...

Go Green. It's the Best Colour for Redheads...Photo Credit

Cable knit sweater in olive green, which is not a loud shade, but does the trick. You're a great candidate for military jackets or shirts, leaf green jumpers and ties and bottle green blazers. You can take green to little details like the dial of a watch, the frame of your spectacles or the enamel finish in your cufflinks. You'll get compliments on your choices and will consequently begin to enjoy picking green items, electing your favourite shades and rejecting others. Camouflage prints, when worn in moderation, will make an excellent statement.

4 Accessories That Complement...

Accessories That Complement...Photo Credit

Green lenses, tortoiseshell motif frame and stylish retro design. Need more arguments?

5 Completing Your Ginger Style...

Completing Your Ginger Style...Photo Credit

Finish the look with brown Brogues.

Style Pilotcan help you find the right clothes for you. Log on to stylepilot.comand set your DNA. The engine will search for the best picks for your height, shape and colouring from different online retailers. You get help and shop without leaving the house.

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