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9 Tremendously Helpful Tips to Look Hot in Your Jeans ...

By Lisa

Let’s face it, we wear our jeans a lot so I figured with the colder months coming up we could all use some tips to look hot in jeans! I’m not saying that you don’t already look smoking hot in your jeans, but I’m always up for some simple tips and tricks to look even better, so I thought I’d share some of my finds with you!

1 Find the Right Fit and Rise

One of the top tips to look hot in jeans is to make sure you’re buying the right fit for your shape. There are tons of different cuts and fits so I know it can be mighty overwhelming to go to a store and know exactly what to buy. Some general guidelines on finding the correct fit for your jeans is by body type. Pear, apple, rectangle and hourglass shapes all look fetching in relaxed fit with a low rise and inverted triangles (the opposite of the pear) look good in mid-rise jean.

2 Find the Perfect Cut

If you want to know how to look hotter in your jeans, you should not only consider the fit but also the cut. In case you’re wondering about all the different terminology, the fit refers to where the jean sits on your body. The rise refers to where the pant will sit on your waist and the cut denotes to the shape of the legs in the jeans. Hourglass-shapes should look for a wide leg and pears look flattering in a flare leg. Rectangular shapes look good in a straight leg and a slight flare or boot cut looks nice on inverted triangle shapes.

3 Flatter Your behind

A sure way to look hot in jeans is to pick a pair of jeans that flatter your bottom! Ladies with flatter bottoms should look for a pant that has wide-set back pockets with some stitching as well as some Lycra or spandex for some oomph in the back. Ladies with rounder behinds should look for jeans that have some stretch in addition to a high waist to avoid the gape in the waist. Women with triangle booties look best in heavyweight jeans that will help round things out. Wide butts look good in straight-leg denim with pockets that are close together.

4 Get Washed Away

Another tip to look hot in jeans is to pick a flattering wash. The color and shade of the denim make a huge difference on how they look on you! Dark washes look stylish on fuller figured ladies and they‘re also slimming and look more formal if you want to dress things up a bit. Distressed and bleached styles of denim draw attention to the specific area of your body where the distressing and bleaching are, so if you’re comfortable with that, go for it! Lastly, reach for the lighter wash denim when you want to enhance a smaller bootie or show off those curves!

5 Stay in Your Age Group

Tips to look hot in your jeans have to include wearing the right jeans for your age. Avoid shopping in the juniors section or women’s section if you don’t belong in that age bracket. Regardless of whether you can fit into them or not, when you wear something that was made for someone younger or older, you can actually age yourself or it just might not be very flattering on you. Shop for denim in your department to look age-appropriate and chic!

6 Alter Your Reality

Discovering how to look hot in your jeans can be as easy getting your jeans altered! There’s nothing wrong with getting your clothes altered. It might seem like a luxury but it’s kind of like an investment. If you find a pair of denim that you love around 75% and getting them altered could make them one of your top pairs, why not?! There are so many different types of bodies that designers can’t mass produce a pant that’ll suit everyone, so make them suit you!

7 Avoid Being Too Trendy

A way to look hot in jeans and find a classic pair of denim to wear for many seasons to come is to avoid being overly trendy. Buying certain styles, patterns, embellishments and certain hues can look hot one minute but then they're out the next. Yeah, trends are great, but if you buy nothing but super trendy types of denim, you’ll get bored with them and it can make your ensemble look dated! Save room in your closet for trendy items but keep some of the timeless styles of jeans to ensure you’ll always look good!

8 Think beyond Squats

Squats are frequently a tip to look hot in jeans but there are many other exercises that you can do! If you happen to hate squats or just want to try something new, trying doing the basic bridge where you lie on your back and tilt your pelvis up towards the ceiling for 10 seconds or try doing a single leg plank. Start in the regular plank position and lift one leg up about 10 inches off the ground for about a minute and switch legs. We can make a difference in how we look with our denim with exercise and by buying the right jeans!

9 Wear What Feels Good

Being super trendy, frugal or extravagant are not the way to look hot in jeans. Don’t ever buy a pair of jeans or any piece of clothing just because it’s a good deal or on-trend, because you probably won’t end up wearing them or you’ll wear them and hate them. Wear jeans that strike a good balance between comfort and style. It might seem like the impossible dream but there are more and more brands that cater to all different sizes and shapes so don’t settle!

There are lots of tips to look hot in jeans out there; you just have to find what works for you! Make sure you take your time trying on different brands, styles, cuts and lengths because one brand’s interpretation of a low-rise skinny jean could be way different from another so it’s best to try them out. How do you find the best pair of jeans for your body?

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