9 Trends to Look out for in 2013 ...


9 Trends to Look out for in 2013 ...
9 Trends to Look out for in 2013 ...

The most popular trends to look out for in 2013 range from simple and classic looks to those that are a little bit more outrageous. There’s plenty to look forward to in the New Year as we leave all things peplum and oxblood behind in 2012. It’s definitely a case of out with the old and in with the new. If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe in the New Year, check out these top trends to look out for.

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Stripes One of the top trends to look out for in 2013 is something that is a staple in many wardrobes already. This year will be the year of the stripe. Breton stripes, vertical stripes, coloured stripes, zigzag stripes – anything goes when it comes to this pattern.


Emerald Green

Emerald Green Emerald green is officially the colour of 2013. This beautiful hue is the perfect statement colour for both day and night. It’s a nice change from the light and bright colours that have dominated past seasons. Add emerald green pops of colour to your outfit with accessories like jewelry and bags or go bold with an emerald green dress or top.


Multipurpose Clothes

Multipurpose Clothes These days it seems like we’re always on the go. Multiple outfit changes throughout the day seem really impractical. So, this year will be about clothes for all occasions. Things like all day street wear that will take you from day to night will be your wardrobe saviours. Stock up on things like chic blazers, tailored pants, and dresses that will see you through a range of occasions.


Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark Alexander Wang’s glow in the dark Spring/Summer 2013 collection sure got us talking. Is this the way forward for 2013? I’m guessing so, since Wang seems to be one of the key trendsetters year in and year out. Whether this trend is practical or not is another matter entirely!


Iridescent/Holographic Finishes

Iridescent/Holographic Finishes Last year was all about metallic finishes and this year we step it up with iridescent and holographic finishes. It’s a nod to all things futuristic and designers like Stella McCartney are already embracing iridescent footwear and accessories. My guess is that 2013 will see this trend become much more accessible.



Perspex We saw bits and pieces of this trend in 2012 and this year Perspex will really take off. Add Perspex or plastic accents and accessories to your wardrobe for a few statement-making trendy touches. Something like a clear Perspex clutch would look great teamed with something like a chic tuxedo or a pretty summer dress.


Luxe Cuffs

Luxe Cuffs Luxe, eye-catching cuffs are a great way to top off your outfits in the New Year. They’re a bit decadent, but can add the perfect amount of spark to a basic outfit. They were all over the 2013 runways so this is a trend that definitely has the designer stamp of approval.


Daisy Details

Daisy Details Floral prints will still be popular but this year will see a focus on dainty daisy prints. As seen on the runways of Prada, daisy prints are a cute and quirky alternative to the bold and busy prints of 2012. If a daisy printed dress or skirt is not your thing then try accessories instead.



Ruffles Add some flirty, feminine details to your outfit with ruffled clothing and accessories. Avoid anything too froufrou by embracing larger, more minimal ruffles. Some ruffle detailing along the neckline of a shirt or maybe ruffled embellishments on a clutch are all stylish ways you can embrace this trend in 2013.

These are just a few trends to look out for this year. Just avoid wearing them all at once, otherwise you might end up looking more tragic than chic! What are your top trend predictions for 2013?

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