7 Easy Ways to Look Fashionable in 2013 ...


7 Easy Ways to Look Fashionable in 2013 ...
7 Easy Ways to Look Fashionable in 2013 ...

Easy ways to look fashionable – are there any to look forward to in the new year? Well, absolutely! Furthermore, looking fashionable in 2013 isn’t as nearly as challenging as it used to be in the previous years/seasons! All of those great, easy to match and wear colors and fabrics are back under the spotlight, which means you won’t have to spend or stress more to obtain a trendy spring/summer look. Interested to know more about all the easy ways to look fashionable this year? Well, take a look at the following trends and tips on how to rock them in a way that won’t make a dent in your budget.

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Bib or Collar Necklaces

Bib or collar necklaces are definitely one of those easy ways to look fashionable this year, even if you’re operating on a tight budget! They complement round necklines perfectly but can be worn with button up shirts, tees and even strapless tops, all depending on your personal style and the necklace you choose to wear. Look them up if you haven’t done that already and you’ll see what I’m talking about! So many gorgeous styles, so many budget-friendly options… why resist them?


All White

Hope you didn’t decide white is too plain to be kept in your wardrobe, as these basic pieces are exactly what you’ll need if looking fashionable in 2013 is a priority of yours. Oh, and guess what? A white on white ensemble is the finished look, so you don’t even have to bother with accessories or other colors, although you may choose to wear it with other popular colors, just to make things more interesting!


Skin Showing

Bare midriffs have gone from being a faux pas to super trendy literally overnight! What can I say? I find it interesting, although it's hardly one of my favorite fashion trends for 2013. Personal opinion aside, I do have to admit the idea is retro-ish and sexy enough to work, plus it gives us all a chance to reuse a few pieces of clothing and put together some really sweet outfits. Open a few slits on a plain, boring dress to get the look or opt for a high-wasted skirt or pants and a cropped top of choice! Furthermore, if you happen to have some tops you’ve never gotten to wear due to shrinkage, this is the perfect time to bust them out! And yes, you’re totally allowed to go around saying how your washing machine is so next generation that it sees a trend coming even before designers decide to make it public.


Harness-Style Belt

This interesting mixture between a waist cincher, a belt and a piece of medieval torture equipment has managed to charm a pretty large number of designers this year! And yes, they all seem to believe a harness is THE thing to wear this year! Why not? It’s trendy, it’s unusual, it will freshen up the outfit you’ve worn a lot of times before, plus it’s basically a belt so I don’t really see how it could cost a fortune.


Ocean-Inspired Details

From azure blues to shimmery, sea foam-like greens -- outfits and accessories that make you wish the summertime would hurry up are the secret of looking fashionable in 2013! Opt for a complete ocean inspired outfit to counter gloomy weather, write it down as a must-do if you’re not ready for bright colors yet or get creative with accessories! I’d pick a really nice nail polish, for example, and you’re welcome to steal this budget-friendly idea anytime.



Nope, no stars, stripes are the only ones on the list of fashion trends for 2013. Worry not, as you still have tons of colors and designs to choose from! Oh and let’s not forget that wisely chosen stripes can prove to be extremely flattering. Wear them wide, wear them narrow, horizontal or vertical, go for a total look or tone it down by matching a single-color piece with a striped one. The choice is yours to make it and I’m sure a short trip to your closet will confirm that you don’t even have to go shopping to get the look!



Yes! This staple, match-all fabric is the bomb in 2013, and if that’s not the easiest way to look fashionable, I seriously don’t know what is! Denim Bermuda shorts, denim wide leg trousers, denim tops and even dresses – we’re already trendy without even knowing it! Furthermore, if you loved denim even before this trend has been made public, you are so going to enjoy rocking it now. But here’s an idea for all of you experienced crafters – cut up all of those denim garments whose look or fit you no longer like and use the fabric to put together your very own, ultimate as-seen-on-the-runways garment for the upcoming season!

Which fashion trends for 2013 are you going to embrace? Will it be clothes, accessories or maybe some small details such as nail polish colors in earth tones?

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