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11 Vera Bradley Items That You Should Own ...

By Emily

Whenever I need a fun bag, I always turn to Vera Bradley. You can get bags of all shapes and sizes in super fun floral patterns there. Here are some Vera Bradley items that you should check out. All are available at and multiple other retailers.

Table of contents:

  1. Zip id case in julep tulip
  2. Duffel in tutti fruitti
  3. Mandy in plum crazy
  4. Throw blanket in olivia pink
  5. Cosmetic trio in petal paisley
  6. Spring fringe scarf in blue bayou
  7. Campus backpack in pink elephants
  8. All in one crossbody in ribbons
  9. Tablet cover in blue bayou
  10. Lanyard in jazzy blooms
  11. Tumbler in heather

1 ZIP ID Case in Julep Tulip

This is one of my favorite Vera Bradley items! I like it because it’s a handy way to have all my cards and some money with me without having to tote around a purse! College kids love this ID case because it’s cute and it holds our IDs.

2 Duffel in Tutti Fruitti

If you’ve seen Vera Bradley items around, you have probably seen one of the famous duffel bags. I own a bunch of Vera Bradley duffel bags because there are so many pretty patterns, they last long, and they are washable. Plus, you can actually fit a lot of stuff in there – trust me!

3 Mandy in Plum Crazy

This is my go-to tote bag because it is cute and versatile. Whether I’m running to Whole Foods to pick up some groceries or if I just need a going out bag, this bag does it all! This bag has so many pockets so you can carry whatever you want.

4 Throw Blanket in Olivia Pink

I think that everyone should own a throw blanket. They’re great at keeping you warm during those extra cold winters, or if you are having movie night in and need to snuggle with something. I love the fun patterns that this throw blanket comes in and it is super soft!

5 Cosmetic Trio in Petal Paisley

We girls have tons of makeup, so it only makes sense to get the cosmetic trio! This also makes a great gift for friends. I love using this trio when I travel. It helps me stay super organized and stylish!

6 Spring Fringe Scarf in Blue Bayou

When I first found out about Vera Bradley, I fell in love with all the colors and patterns. I was just sad that I couldn’t wear any of it, until now! I love this lightweight scarf! It brightens up any plain outfit, and with finals coming up soon, this scarf will be put to great use!

7 Campus Backpack in Pink Elephants

I see this backpack around campus a lot! This bag holds a surprising amount of stuff and the patterns are just too cute to resist. If you are sick of those plain Jansport backpacks, definitely check out this Vera Bradley backpack. When you wear this cute elephant print backpack, you’re also supporting breast cancer.

8 All in One Crossbody in Ribbons

This little crossbody is adorable and is super handy to carry on a casual day out. You can count of Vera Bradley’s bright florals to liven up your outfit. This can also be carried around as a wristlet. It’s one of my favorite gift items to give, too!

9 Tablet Cover in Blue Bayou

I love shopping for stylish phone cases and tablet cases, and Vera Bradley has become the first place I look. Finally, something that is protective and super cute to carry around!

10 Lanyard in Jazzy Blooms

If you keep your keys on a lanyard, this is a great Vera Bradley item for you! I love these lanyards because they don’t look so chunky and awkward as normal lanyards, and on a college campus, there are hundreds of lanyards that look the same, with the school logo. So to prevent my lanyard from letting lost with the mix of identical ones, I keep my keys and ID on a Vera Bradley lanyard.

11 Tumbler in Heather

I always carry a tumbler to class so I can have a drink with me. It’s important to stay hydrated, ladies! So why not use a cute tumbler that shows off your super cool style?

I love Vera Bradley and I think that they make really useful essential items. Do you like Vera Bradley? What is your favorite purchase from Vera Bradley?

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