7 Style Essentials to Keep Nearby ...

By Jordin

7 Style Essentials to Keep Nearby ...

Style Essentials to keep nearby are not limited to hairspray and a fabulous pair of heels-although those are great style essentials! However, there are a few less-heard-of but quite powerful other little style essentials that can save your butt from time to time! Most of these little handy items can be carried in your purse or stashed in your car and you will never even know it's there until you need it! Then you will be so glad you had these essentials on hand! Read on for some great style essentials to keep nearby!

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1 Tide-to-Go

Little stains are no more a worry! You can zap those spots away with this little essential that packs a big punch! I've used the tide-to-go stain removal sticks on everything from tomato sauce to eyeliner. It's a truly handy item to carry around! Don't you just love style essentials that take care of unsightly stains?

2 Black Sharpies

At this point, you're probably wondering why a black sharpie is a style essential. Let me explain! Black sharpies are instant fixes for shoe scuffs! Never again will you look unprofessional or shoddy if you accidently scuff your shoe running to the office!

As the winter chill approaches, it's time to jazz up your wardrobe. Why not start with some cute sweaters? These sweaters are not just warm and comfy, but they are also incredibly stylish - a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Stay cozy and chic this winter!

3 Downy Spray

Downy wrinkle-releaser and fabric refreshing spray is an absolute must-have of the style essentials! It doesn't matter if you wrinkle your blouse or skirt on the way to work because this spray will have you looking spanking fresh in a matter of minutes! And never mind those smokers during lunch-Downy fabric refreshening spray will get you smelling fresh right away!

4 A Piece of Statement Jewelry

A piece of statement jewelry is one of my favorite essentials to carry around with me. It could be long, chunky necklace, dangly earrings or a cute cuff bracelet. Even a funky ring! No matter what it is, a versatile piece of statement jewelry can be a quick pick me up on a blah day. And it can spruce up an outfit instantly! No more refusing after work drinks!

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5 Disposable Toothbrush

There's nothing that can repel a person faster than garlic breath. And you can scratch that worry off your list if you carry around the most important of the style essentials-a disposable toothbrush! They come in packs of 2 or 4 and you don't even need water to use them! You can brush no matter where you are. Bonus: The end has a little hook for digging out little pieces of food that may be stuck between your teeth.

6 Band-Aids

Here's another of the essentials that may have you scratching your head but once again, let me explain! Band-aids are handy for when you cut yourself, but they have more than one use! Shoes that look sexy can become painful after a few hours of dancing or partying so bring along a few band-aids! That way, you can slap a few over your blisters or anywhere that your shoes are rubbing to prevent blisters! No one will ever know and you can party-hardy!

7 A Great Lipstick

A great lipstick is one of the top style essentials to keep nearby because it's such a good multi-tasker. A light pink lipstick can serve as a lip color, a blush and a highlighter or a sheer cream eyeshadow in a pinch! Experiment with different colors and shades till you find one that you love, and never let it get farther than your purse. You'll be glad you did!

With these style essentials nearby, you will always be ready to go! No matter what the occasion or what little goof happens, you will be able to fix it with the snap of your fingers! Good style comes from good taste, and good taste means having good style essentials on hand for any little emergency! Do YOU carry any of these style essentials with you?

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