7 Reasons to Spring Clean Your Closet ...


7 Reasons to Spring Clean Your Closet ...
7 Reasons to Spring Clean Your Closet ...

There are plenty of reasons to spring clean your closet. Spring cleaning your closet is a great way to re-organise and re-assess your wardrobe for the season ahead. However, sometimes the massive task of spring cleaning your closet can be a bit off putting. If you haven’t already started with the spring cleaning or are planning on putting it off for as long as possible then think again. These are just a few good reasons to spring clean your closet.

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Create Space

One of the best reasons to spring clean your closet is to create space for your new season wardrobe. Sort through your clothes and do a bit of a cull if necessary. Donate or sell clothes you don’t wear anymore and put the rest of your winter clothes into storage. Your closet should hopefully feel more spacious and less cluttered – perfect for building up your spring/summer wardrobe!


Streamline Your Closet

Spring cleaning your closet can help you become more organised. If everything in your closet has a place then it can be easier to find the clothes you’re looking for, rather than rifling through mounds of unsorted clothing. Sort through your existing clothes and organise them by colour or type – whatever works best for you.


Recognise Gaps

Spring cleaning your closet can not only reduce clutter and help streamline it, but help you with your shopping list too! When you’re spring cleaning and sorting through your closet, it’ll be much easier to figure out what pieces are missing from it. It could be the perfect pair of pants or a trend-based print. That way you can start writing down a shopping list for what you need to buy for the season ahead.


Easy Outfit Choices

Sometimes it’s much easier to put together outfits when all your clothing options are right in front of you. If your spring wardrobe is still full of winter clothes, it can be a bit distracting. Removing out-of-season clothes from your closet will help remove any excess noise (your winter clothes) and leave you with much more functional clothing choices.


Discover Old Favourites

I don’t know about you, but whenever I spring clean my closet I always end up finding at least one thing that I had completely forgotten I owned. Finding a long-forgotten but loved piece of clothing can give you just as much of a buzz as buying something brand new. It’s also much easier on your wallet!


Find Your Sense of Style

With so many trends these days, finding your own personal style can be much more difficult. Are you a classic clothing kind of person or someone who prefers more daring and alternative trends? Spring cleaning your closet can give you an idea of the kind of clothes you like to buy, the clothes you like to wear, and the style you ultimately want to emulate. Then, when you’re shopping for new clothes, you’ll have a clearer picture of the style you want to create.



Cleaning through your wardrobe can sometimes be therapeutic. While you may not like the idea of cleaning and reorganising at first, there’s always that sense of accomplishment you get when you finish such a task. So, start spring cleaning and then bask in the glory of a freshly organised closet!

It’s always a good idea to reassess your wardrobe at the beginning of each season. While some of these reasons to spring clean your closet might seem like no brainers, they’re handy to keep in mind. What motivates you to spring clean your closet?

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