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9 Signs That It's Time to Detox Your Wardrobe ...

By Sophia

Every now and then it’s helpful to detox your wardrobe. Detox is a word that gets thrown around a lot, especially when it comes to health, but you could also apply it to other areas of your life. Like your wardrobe. A wardrobe detox is one way to declutter and reorganise your space. It’s also a helpful way to hone in on your personal style. Need to figure out if it’s time to detox your wardrobe? Take a look at these telltale signs.

1 It’s Bursting at the Seams

This is probably the most telltale sign that you need to detox your wardrobe. If your wardrobe is literally bursting at the seams then it’s probably time to say goodbye to some of its contents. That, or you need a bigger wardrobe!

2 It Takes Too Long to Put Together an Outfit

Clothes can accumulate quite quickly and soon enough you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed when looking at your wardrobe. If it takes too long to put together an outfit then maybe you should take that as a sign that a detox is in order. In theory, your clothes should all mix and match quite easily. If this isn’t the case then try honing in on your style essentials and only purchase things that go with what’s already in your wardrobe.

3 It’s More of a ‘Floordrobe’

Is your wardrobe more of a floordrobe? If most of your clothes end up living on your floor or bed it might be because your wardrobe isn’t functional or flowing. Set aside some time to create organisational solutions and make sure that your most worn items are in prime position and within easy reach.

4 It Takes You Too Long to Find Things

So you want to find XYZ item and you know it’s in your wardrobe somewhere… but just exactly where eludes you at the moment. Does this sound familiar? If it takes you longer than five minutes to find something in a relatively small space then it sounds like you need to give your wardrobe a thorough sorting through.

5 You’re Afraid of What You Might Find

If you’re afraid of what you might find in the deep, dark, depths of your wardrobe then I suggest you buck up and tackle the problem head on! We’re not just talking creepy crawlies either. What about all those fashion faux pas?! It’s time to get detoxing.

6 You Can See a Trend Timeline

How many trends can you see in your wardrobe? If your wardrobe consists mostly of trend-based pieces, and those that are already out of fashion, then it’s time to reassess your situation. If any of the clothing in your wardrobe makes you cringe then it’s time to ditch them (or at least put them into storage in case they come back in fashion in another couple of years).

7 You Can’t Pinpoint Your Personal Style

If you have trouble pinning down your exact style then a wardrobe detox can help you hone in on that style. Are you minimalist, preppy, classic, eclectic or bohemian, to name a few? Trimming down your wardrobe to certain key pieces can help you pinpoint what your personal style is.

8 There Are Clothes You Haven’t Worn for Years

I’m sure most of us would be familiar with this wardrobe dilemma. You have clothes in there that you haven’t worn for quite some time. They could have sentimental value or you might be hanging onto them ‘just in case’. Or they might just be taking up valuable wardrobe space for clothes that you can wear NOW.

9 You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Cleaned It

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned out your wardrobe, or at least reorganised it, then you should probably take this as a sign that a detox is in order. Like, right now.

Most of us probably have way more stuff than we actually wear or need hanging around in our wardrobes. It’s just a matter of figuring out when a wardrobe detox is actually in order. If any of these signs sound familiar then maybe it’s time you think about detoxing your wardrobe! What tips you over the edge and into a cleaning frenzy?

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