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As women, one of our most natural physical gifts is having curves, and there are some amazing ways to enhance your curves you may not know about, or might like to know. I knew many people growing up that had no curves, and I had plenty, but hated them. I always envied them for their more slender bodies, until I realized just what a gift curves really were. Curves give you a feminine feature that doesn’t come along with straight figures, but even those who are more naturally straight still have the ability to enhance what curves they do have. If you’re curvy, or straight, these ways to enhance your curves work for anyone. Give them a try and see what you think!

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Wear the Right Jeans

Wear the Right Jeans Let’s talk about jeans when it comes to ways to enhance your curves, shall we? Wearing the right jeans is key to enhancing your figure, straight or curvy, whatever you may be. If you’re more naturally straight up and down, then don’t go for skinny jeans. Instead, opt for varieties that bell out at the bottom, like hipsters or flares. This will help add a naturally curvy appearance to you, without you even realizing it. Even a slight flare will make all the difference. If you’re naturally curvy, you can wear skinny jeans that sit higher on your waist to accentuate your waistline, but don’t buy too small a size. They should hug you, but not be uncomfortable. You can also choose a flare jean, but be sure to choose a higher waistband, not a lower one. This ensures that your curves are accentuated in their most positive light.


Belt Basics

Belt Basics Also be sure that if you’re wearing a belt, you’re doing it the right way. For instance, straight figured girls will need to wear a belt that sits around their hipbones, which naturally accentuates the curves in your hips. Curvy girls like myself will need to wear belts that sit more towards the waistline, to accentuate curves instead of exaggerate them. You want to place your belt wherever you want the attention to be drawn, so for straight figured girls, placing it on the hip line helps improve the appearance of hips, while curvy girls need to place it on their waist to cinch in their waistline and accentuate curves a different way.


Color Smarts

Color Smarts Most women don’t consider colors when they think about their figures, but we should! Choosing the right color can make you look more or less curvy. Blacks and grays tend to create a more slender look, while whites and bright colors tend to enhance curves. This is especially true when choosing pants, skirts or other bottom pieces.


Top Tips

Top Tips Another tip for enhancing your curves is to be choosy with what tops you put on. Choosing tops that extend past the waistline, or are very drape-like in appearance, will naturally take away from your curves and make you look larger. They also hide any natural curves you have. If you’re extremely hippy, then you could wear a shirt like this, but be sure to pair it with a high waist belt on top that’s thick, so it helps to cinch in your waistline. If you're straight-figured, go with shorter tops instead, which will help accentuate your figure naturally.


Shoe Secrets

Shoe Secrets It’s also important to choose the right pair of shoes when trying to accentuate your curves naturally. For instance, instead of choosing heels if you’re straight-figured, go with some flats. By lowering your height, it automatically makes you look curvier, believe it or not. Adding height through heels automatically makes you appear more slender.


Tuck It in

Tuck It in Another way to enhance your curves naturally is to tuck more of your shirts in, or wear a belt over them. I don’t mean that tacky, old fashioned way of tucking shirts in either. Many new trends are pairing especially professional or trendy tops with a high-waist belt, or tucking them in a great pair of jeans, and pairing it with a thin belt on the hip line. Both these techniques can help accentuate curves and make you look curvier.


Flaunt It

Flaunt It Lastly, the best way to accentuate your curves is to flaunt them! Stop hiding your curves behind your clothes and be proud of them! They show you’re a woman, and that’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

If you’re naturally curvy or straight in figure, how do you enhance your curves? My favorite ways are the right pair of jeans, a great belt and a killer pair of heels. What’s your best tip?

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I am very curvy but also skinny. I have trouble with clothes a lot because I can never find something that is right enough to show off my waist but loose enough so it doesn't feel uncomfortable around my waist or bust.

Not all plus size women or men for that matter are overweight due to overeating, some have legitimate medical issues. Everyone has a right to dress to look their best, curves or no.

@aurela, yeh very true dear ...

you do not have to be as big as some of those girls in the pictures to be curvy

It's a matter of your own opinion & your own personal definition of 'curvy'.. Just to add a friend had a health check at work and her being the largest in size, colleagues were left open mouthed when she had a clear bill of health, whilst they had high cholesterol & blood pressure levels.. It really made her day.. Soooo don't be do quick to judge others.

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