7 Ways to Sport a Natural Look That is Fabulous for Any Time of the Year ...

If heavy makeup, designer duds and a high maintenance style just aren't for you, yet you still want to look your best, you may be wondering about ways to sport a natural look. The truth is, getting that glowing, sun-kissed, healthy, girl next door look is a lot easier than you think. Here are a few simple ways to sport a natural look that will leave you looking and feeling great.

1. Say Goodbye to Heavy Makeup

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The first of the many ways to sport a natural look is to say goodbye to that heavy makeup. Forget darkly lined lids, caked on foundation and mascara laden lashes; in order to pull off a natural look, you are going to want to go light. Sure, you can wear makeup, but the key is to wear it lightly. Put on a light layer of foundation, cover your lids with a natural colored shadow, give your cheeks a sunk-kissed look with a subtle blush and put on a light coat of mascara. You aren't going to look natural if you have a face that is covered in makeup.

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