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8 Ways to Address Common Body Image Issues when Getting Dressed ...

By Artti

We all have something we would like to change about ourselves and as women we all have common body image issues. Sometimes it can be frustrating when you’re shopping and you feel like nothing fits the way it should. On the bright side, there are tricks to hide these figure challenges. Next time you go shopping, try to remember the tips that apply to you to avoid common body image issues.

1 Tummy

Ladies, tummy issues are one of the most common body image issues women have with themselves. Two things – first, high waisted anything is your friend because it will help to conceal a muffin top and «uck some excess tummy in. Second, anything clingy or shiny is your enemy! Lycra-like materials will bunch up around the rolls of the stomach and garments that have sheen to it will catch light and make that particular area look larger. Another good tip is to wear darker coloured blouses to camouflage your stomach.

2 Short Thighs

Try wearing knee-length, high waist skirts and dresses with empire waists. Miniskirts and skirts/dresses that end midway through the thigh will cut your thighs in half emphasizing the lack of length in your thighs. However, skirts with high waists and dresses with empire waists will exaggerate the length of your thighs. Also, the dresses and skirts that end at the knee cap will create a long, clean, smooth line.

3 Short Torso

Sorry girlfriend but you’re going to have to stay away from anything with a high waist. Instead, wear low rise pants/skirts with shirts and blouses that end at your hips or lower. Also, try to avoid tucking your shirts/blouses in.

4 No Waist

You’ll have to create the illusion of a waist – cinching your waist with belts is a fool-proof solution! Wrap tops also help to hint at a waist. Stay away from tight, solid coloured tops as they don’t do anything for your figure.

5 Small Bust

If pushes up bras aren’t your thing then read what I wrote under «tummy» and do the complete opposite! Clingy materials exaggerate areas of the body. Also, materials that have sheen will make your bust look larger by reflecting light. In addition to wearing form-fitting clothing, stick to tops and blouses with HIGH necklines to make your breasts fuller.

6 Cankles

Riding boots are the way to go! Riding boots, unlike some boots, don’t fit snug around the ankles and calves therefore hiding cankles. In the summer or when you’re going out at night, heels and sandals with a strap around the ankle will break up the cankle making it less obvious.

7 Large Hips

Stay away from skinny and bootleg jeans. Instead go for a straight jean that flares a little at the bottom or a wide leg trouser. Anything that is tight all the way through, like a skinny pant, or tight at the thighs, like a bootleg, will bring attention to the hips. Also wear a longer top that hits right at the middle of the hip or a little lower to cut up the hip area.

8 Wide Arms

Blouses and dresses that are elbow length, three quarters or full sleeves will effectively hide wider arms. In the summer, go for sleeveless tops. Tops with flow-y sleeves add extra bulk to the arm and tops with tight sleeves exaggerate the width of the arm. Also be aware of the material of your tops, anything spandex will add shine to your arms making them look larger. Try going to matte materials like cotton, polyester and linen.

When you go shopping, don’t only go for what you like or what’s safe. Experiment with different items, try mixing and matching and don’t be afraid to ask the sales associates for help! It can be frustrating when it feels like nothing is made for you but there’s something for everyone. You just need to know how to manipulate clothing to make it work for you. What are your body issues and what do you do to address them?

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