9 Fun Ways to Bring out Your Inner Rock Chick ...


9 Fun Ways to Bring out Your Inner Rock Chick ...
9 Fun Ways to Bring out Your Inner Rock Chick ...

I fully believe every woman has an inner rock chick just dying to come out and play. From changing up your look to acting like a rock goddess, it's insanely fun to rock what you've got. While the actually rock chick look varies greatly, it's all about looking cool and feeling like the nonchalant cool kid. I say let your inner rock chick out and stop holding back.

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Tousled Hair

Tousled Hair I'm a little OCD about my hair. Every piece should lay down perfectly. When I stop being Little Miss Perfect, I strive for rock chick hair. Basically, you want a slightly toned down just got out of bed look. If you really want to please your inner rock chick, add some neon highlights or go all out with a fun pixie cut that's easy to spike. Your hair should never look like you're trying too hard.


Neon Everywhere

Neon Everywhere Remember how awesome the 80s were? Everyone who was anyone wore neon. Whether it was a shirt, jelly bracelets, hair accessories, shoes or even leggings, neon was king. True rocker chicks aren't afraid to stand out and anything neon screams "look at me." Grab a long bright tee featuring your favorite band and pair with a belt and black leggings. It's simple and I always feel years younger when rocker me comes out to play.


Vintage is Your Best Friend

Vintage is Your Best Friend New is so uncool. Forget about being stylish and latching on to the latest trends. I have a closet full of vintage clothes and I'm always on the lookout for vintage jewelry. Luckily, vintage is actually all the rage right now, so if you don't have vintage or thrift shops nearby, you can find new vintage looking clothes. As long as it gives you that «I don't care what society thinks» look, you're good to go.


Forget about Dainty

Forget about Dainty Think about your favorite rocker chicks. I've never seen one who goes for dainty jewelry and accessories. Bold, studded chokers and overly large earrings are usually front and center. Wide belts with studs, glitter or patterns perfectly compliment your look every time. If I'm feeling like letting out a rocker scream, I put my dainty gold necklaces to the side and break out something a little more tough.


Make the Eyes Pop

Make the Eyes Pop I love eye liner as it is, so when I have the opportunity to put it on a little thicker, I'm excited. Rocker chicks often stand out from their eye makeup alone. I glam myself up with either dark or neon shimmering eye shadows along with dark liner and mascara. A nice thick line under your eyes gives you a punk rock look. Of course, super glitter shadows are always a nice touch. Honestly, I do very little with my makeup besides my eyes to get the rock look.

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Borderline Trashy

Borderline Trashy I'm not saying you should actually look trashy, but rockers often wear clothes that look one wash away from falling apart. Faded jeans with holes in the knees and tees with ripped sleeves give you that carefree rock look without having to go overboard. Faded designs and torn lace are perfect options as well. Think vintage that's been through the ringer. You'll look amazing and give off that "I'm too cool to care" vibe.


Show off the Legs

Show off the Legs Part of what I love about the rocker chick look is letting go of expectations and being free to look great no matter what your body type. Rockers aren't afraid to show off their legs. From tight jeans and leggings to sexy skirts, you can't hide your legs. If you're not comfortable with tight clothes, go for the Stevie Nicks rock look with gothic flowing skirts. Both options look amazing and show off your rocker confidence.



Accessorize No matter what else you wear, you have to fully accessorize. We've already talked about wearing bold jewelry and belts. Add in funky pins or wide headbands. Make the style all your own. Basically, don't be afraid to flash back to the 80s or the 90s grunge scene. It's not about being pretty, it's about making a statement.


Be a Rocker

Be a Rocker Whether you look the part or not, actually be the rock chick. I love hanging out with friends for a karaoke night, heading out to a concert or dancing the night away. I let go of my doubts and fears, unleash my rocker confidence and don't let anything get in my way. It's okay to be a bit of a rock diva. Show off that fun, rock attitude and don't let anyone tell you to fit the mold again.

While I'm not a rock chick every day, odds are you'll see something a little unique about what I wear and how I act each day. I'm not a slave to fashion or trends, nor am I afraid to be myself. Letting your inner rock chick out now and again will give you that same kind of freedom. How do you get your rock on?

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This whole thing is wrong...

Rocker chicks don't wear neon anything but red lips... That pic of that girl looks more like she's going to a dance club than a concert...

I think if you are actually a true rocker, it comes out naturally in your style- No need to try so hard...I\'m a rocker and I have no desire to wear trashed daisy dukes....and Maddie- if you don\'t listen to the band, don\'t wear the shirt.

Exactly no one likes a poser

Neon is just horrid. This isn\'t a disco.

#3 what is wrong with that girls legs???

Wow be nice to whoever made this post. It\'s their opinion.

This sucks ...

This sucks for anyone who\'s actually a rocker

This is so dumb, legit being a rocker has nothing to do with fashion, being a rocker is the music, heart, and soul. AND IF YOU DONT LISTEN TO THE BAND DONT WEAR THE DAMN BAND SHIRT.

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