7 Ways Your Bra is Ruining Your Life ...


7 Ways Your Bra is Ruining Your Life ...
7 Ways Your Bra is Ruining Your Life ...

I’m sure you are going to be familiar with the ways your bra is ruining your life, even if you haven’t thought of it in that way before. Ask any woman what part of her wardrobe does she hate the most, and I can guarantee you that more than three-quarters of them will have something negative to say about their bras. For any girl above an A cup, a bra is an essential part of your daily wardrobe, and anything that has to be worn so regularly is bound to create some contempt among its wearers! Literally, every bra-wearing woman in the world has a horror story or two to tell about sizing, shaping, and overall annoyance with their over the shoulder boulder holder! To help you see what I’m talking about, here are seven ways that your bra is ruining your life!

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It Impedes Your Circulation

If you wear an underwired bra, then it could actually be compressing your veins and arteries around your chest, and having a detrimental effect on your circulation. This can actually lead to your boobs sagging prematurely and developing a problem with tingly nerves in your arms! Whatever you do, don’t sleep in an underwired bra; the night should be your recovery time!


An Ill-fitting Bra Can Cause Headaches

If your boobs are big and you wear a bra that doesn’t give you the best support, the back and neck muscles that it takes to hold them up can actually contribute to giving you really bad headaches.


Wearing a Bra Causes Sagging More than Not Wearing a Bra – What???

I’m not sure on the science behind this one, but a recent French study has reportedly proven that women who don’t wear bras are less prone to sagging than women who do. Perhaps it is to do with the regular forced cupping of your breasts rather than allowing them to find a natural shape.


A Bra Impedes Detoxification

If you wear a bra that is too tight, it can apply pressure on your lymphatic system which is the network of tissues and organs that helps the body to get rid of toxins. Therefore, any detox that you attempt won’t always be as successful.


A Bra Can Cause Respiratory Issues

Tight bras can put stress on your ribcage and the muscles that surround it, which in extreme cases can actually lead to constricted breathing. It’s one of the key reasons that you should really make the effort to go and get professionally fitted.


It Might Cause Digestive Issues

The constriction of muscles that can be caused by tight bras can actually affect your digestive system and lead to things like irritable bowel syndrome. The common symptoms are cramping, bloating, gas, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.


Is Your Bra the Reason for Your Stunted Development?

A lot of young women, in particular, don’t think to reassess and change their bra size as often as they should. Our breasts can change all the time, and if you stick to the original measurements that you go the first time around, you run the risk of stunting the developments of your boobs because you are forcing them into a daily space that isn’t big enough to keep them comfortable.

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