7 Ways Your Bra πŸ‘™ is Ruining 😣 Your Life 🌎 ...


I’m sure you are going to be familiar with the ways your bra is ruining your life, even if you haven’t thought of it in that way before. Ask any woman what part of her wardrobe does she hate the most, and I can guarantee you that more than three-quarters of them will have something negative to say about their bras. For any girl above an A cup, a bra is an essential part of your daily wardrobe, and anything that has to be worn so regularly is bound to create some contempt among its wearers! Literally, every bra-wearing woman in the world has a horror story or two to tell about sizing, shaping, and overall annoyance with their over the shoulder boulder holder! To help you see what I’m talking about, here are seven ways that your bra is ruining your life!

1. It Impedes Your Circulation

If you wear an underwired bra, then it could actually be compressing your veins and arteries around your chest, and having a detrimental effect on your circulation. This can actually lead to your boobs sagging prematurely and developing a problem with tingly nerves in your arms! Whatever you do, don’t sleep in an underwired bra; the night should be your recovery time!

An Ill-fitting Bra Can Cause Headaches