PJs 101 What do Your Pajamas Say about You ?


PJs 101  What do Your Pajamas Say about You ?
PJs 101  What do Your Pajamas Say about You ?

I could be a psychologist if all it involved was making observations of people, but turning those observations into theories that fit groups would drive me nuts. Theorizing about what people wear is a popular area so are you up for some sartorial psychology? Want to know what your choice of pajamas says about you? Let’s see if what you wear to sleep in gets to the essence of you.

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Flannel A girl who is more than happy to snuggle up in a big comfy flannel shirt is a girl who is completely content with her situation in life. Whether you are single or in a relationship, is doesn’t faze you; you just take every day as it comes and you embrace the unknown.


Boyfriend’s Shirt

Boyfriend’s Shirt If you wear your boyfriend’s baggy shirts as pajamas, then you are probably in the early stages of a new relationship where you feel the need to be enveloped in his scent even when you are not together. There is just something about guy’s clothes, shirts in particular, that feels much more comfortable than women’s pajamas, although could very well be psychological!


Alma Mater Gear

Alma Mater Gear If the type of pajamas you choose is usually some kind of t-shirt or sweatshirt that bears the name of your alma mater, then you are probably a cool millennial who is only recently graduated and is still trying to figure out what your next step is. You are too grown up for teddy bear and rainbow patterns, but you are definitely not ready to be wearing nice matching silk pajamas!



Underwear Though some women would scream at the thought of wearing a bra to bed, you are the kind of girl who is thinking of the future. You want your girls to be as bouncy and sag free as possible and if that means having to cope with an underwire digging in to your side at night, then so be it!


Tank and Shorts

Tank and Shorts The classic tank top and shorts combo is the pajama of choice for the carefree girl who values comfort in bed over anything else. You can also show your fun side by mixing and matching different tops and shorts to show some of your personality, which I’m guessing it kind of kooky and relaxed!


Lace Slip

Lace Slip Lace slips are the night wear of choice for a woman who understands the important of looking great at all times. This doesn’t have to mean dressing up to please a guy, more just the fact that if you look cute or sexy, then you will feel personally empowered and will go to sleep with the perfect attitude to jump out of bed in the morning and take on the day!



Silk If you go to bed wearing anything that is made of silk, then you know that you are grown woman who has all of your stuff together! Only a truly sophisticated adult can pull off a luxurious silk pajama shirt and bottoms. It is indicative of somebody who knows exactly what they want and exactly how to get it. You are probably in a management position at work and you get what you want on a regular basis!



Naked Well it’s not pajamas but it is a way to dress (or not dress in this case) for bed. It’s not for everybody, but those of you who like nothing more than to sleep in your birthday suit are the true free spirits among us! You don’t need extra layers for security. You are more than happy to snuggle under the duvet naked and feel totally natural!

Well I sleep naked unless I’m sleeping away from home – but even then I’ll go in the buff if I can. Did this analysis get you right?

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Wearing a bra on bed can actually contribute to sagging by reducing blood flow

I just wear an oversized tee shirt and undies all year round

i wear all of these 😂😅

I sleep in a bf tee n bf shorts


Been ?

Shawn is married

Whats up!

I wonder don't Women who sleep naked think about any unexpected scream or knock on door will make them go out naked too.

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