Why Sustainable Fashion is the Future ...

Are you someone who thinks about the current state of the earth, and the things that we as responsible humans can do in order to try to halt the drastic direction we seem to be going in? Then you are probably mindful about things like recycling, food waste, and the tragedy of plastic, but what about fashion? Your clothing and sense of style might not be the first thing on the list when thinking about global sustainability, but there is no denying that it can play a huge part in your personal footprint. Here is why sustainable fashion is the future.

1. Environmental Connection

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Fashion is one of the most resource intensive industries in the world, and this makes its connection to the natural environment incredibly important and significant. With so many components of a supply chain for huge brands, something that you can consider to lower your own footprint is buying from smaller independent brands that operate on far fewer rungs of the ladder. The more sustainable and homemade a garment is, the less impact its manufacture has on the environment.

2. Intelligent Consumer

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There is no doubt the that the rise of the intelligent consumer is a real thing. On the whole, we care much more these days about the personal impact that we all have on the world, and because of this there is definitely going to continue to be a shift towards sustainable clothing and fashion so that people can have better peace of mind.

3. Growing Community

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Fifteen or twenty years ago, the brands and companies that championed sustainable fashion were seen as niche and unconventional and often unpopular, but 2019 and beyond is seeing the exact opposite of that. There is a growing community all over the world who are focused on doing their best to save this planet, and investing in a wardrobe of sustainable fashion is something that we can all achieve and contribute.

4. Changing Roles

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The future of the fashion industry holds the potential for lots of different and changing roles. More and more designers and companies are taking it upon themselves to not just cater to the times anymore, but to dictate what the times are actually going to be like. Things like population rise, climate change, global economy, they are all going to be huge factors going in the next generations, and sustainable fashion is a thing that can be at the forefront of tackling these issues.

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