The Must Have Accessory for Winter 2017 ...


The Must Have Accessory for Winter 2017 ...
The Must Have Accessory for Winter 2017 ...

What is winter 2017's must-have accessory?

A few years ago, rock star Lenny Kravitz sported a massive scarf, and the Internet ran hog wild with a ton of hilarious photoshopped images. All joking aside, it looks like the super scarf is making a comeback.

What is a super scarf, you might ask? It’s basically what it looks like…an oversized, giant mashup of a scarf, shawl, and afghan. This nest of soft, bulky fabric provides much-needed warmth for crisp winter afternoons and will definitely help you lovely ladies make a bold fashion statement.

Wherever you go, if you are wearing the super scarf, you will definitely turn some heads. It's definitely winter 2017's must-have accessory.

Here’s what makes these gorgeous garments so special.

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Trendsetting Accessory

clothing, scarf, fashion, jeans, headgear, If Lenny Kravitz can turn heads, so can you, ladies. Super scarves have been worn by male and female fashion models on couture runways and have been featured in a ton of fashion blogs and websites. They come in a variety of sizes and brands, and a rainbow of gorgeous colors! And they go with almost anything in your wardrobe…even pajamas or knockabout clothes.

Want to make a bold statement even bolder? Throw on an electric blue super scarf with pom-pom tassels and sparkly buttons as you go out the door…and wait for those heads to turn! It's definitely winter 2017's must-have accessory!


Inspirational Beauty

fur clothing, fashion model, coat, outerwear, scarf, I’ve always believed that 40 is the new 20. And this philosophy perfectly blends with the super scarf. The elegance and simplicity of this scarf accentuates natural beauty for young girls and older women alike, and can easily be shared between grandmothers, mothers, and daughters.

And here’s a fun tip. Line up with your girlfriends or your family members, and hand out a matching bunch of these oversized scarves. Then, say cheese and enjoy a really awesome, fashion-forward Christmas pic.


Room for Two

furniture, interaction, hug, flooring, comfort, Super scarves are beautiful, but their size makes them ideal for something else. If you find yourself shivering on cold winter nights, just grab the super scarf and wrap it around you and your man. And get ready for a really awesome, toasty date night.

Now that’s a reason to get a super scarf, right, girls? It’s good enough for me!


Easy to Make

scarf, shawl, stole, outerwear, fashion model, Do you love to knit or crochet…or both? Then the super scarf is right at your fingertips. There are free patterns for some really gorgeous super scarves, from a silky pearl white knit to a rugged crosshatch Irish quilt.

Here's tip…the best scarves are made from worsted to bulky weight yarn.Grab your needles and hooks and get ready to create, ladies!

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