The Must Have πŸ› Accessory for Winter ❄️ 2017 πŸ—“ ...

What is winter 2017's must-have accessory?

A few years ago, rock star Lenny Kravitz sported a massive scarf, and the Internet ran hog wild with a ton of hilarious photoshopped images. All joking aside, it looks like the super scarf is making a comeback.

What is a super scarf, you might ask? It’s basically what it looks like…an oversized, giant mashup of a scarf, shawl, and afghan. This nest of soft, bulky fabric provides much-needed warmth for crisp winter afternoons and will definitely help you lovely ladies make a bold fashion statement.

Wherever you go, if you are wearing the super scarf, you will definitely turn some heads. It's definitely winter 2017's must-have accessory.

Here’s what makes these gorgeous garments so special.

1. Trendsetting Accessory

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If Lenny Kravitz can turn heads, so can you, ladies. Super scarves have been worn by male and female fashion models on couture runways and have been featured in a ton of fashion blogs and websites. They come in a variety of sizes and brands, and a rainbow of gorgeous colors! And they go with almost anything in your wardrobe…even pajamas or knockabout clothes.

Want to make a bold statement even bolder? Throw on an electric blue super scarf with pom-pom tassels and sparkly buttons as you go out the door…and wait for those heads to turn! It's definitely winter 2017's must-have accessory!

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