Super πŸ’― Smart πŸ€“ Ways to Layer πŸ‘—πŸ‘š in Winter ❄️ According to IG πŸ“± ...

I'm here to show you how to layer in winter according to Instagram. Even though Christmas has been and gone, the fact is that winter is far from being over! We still have two or three months of cold weather to combat, and the Christmas sweaters might be in the back of the drawer now, but the rest of your winter wardrobe is still very much present and in play! If there is one place to look on the internet for fashion inspiration right now, it’s Instagram, and something that lots of us are turning to the social media platform for at the moment is advice and techniques for how best to layer in this cold weather. Here's how to layer in winter according to Instagram.

1. Pair Animal with Neutral

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If you have a few animal print pieces floating around in your wardrobe, then layer them up with a more neutral garment to create a really fashionable effect. Two prints would be too much, and two neutrals would be plain boring, so have one of either to get the best of both worlds!

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