Awesome Tips for Women Who Want to Look Sexy without Looking Sleazy ...


Awesome Tips for Women Who Want to Look Sexy without Looking Sleazy  ...
Awesome Tips for Women Who Want to Look Sexy without Looking Sleazy  ...

There’s a delicate balance to looking sexy without crossing over into being sleazy. It’s all about knowing how much is too much. It’s something that takes careful thought and consideration. These 7 tips can help you to look sexy but never sleazy.

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Be Selective in How You Show Skin

Be Selective in How You Show Skin If you want to look super sexy then you need to be selective in how you show skin. Showing too much skin can come off as sleazy. A good tip to use is to show one area of skin at a time. For example, if you’re showing off your shoulder area of a bit or cleavage then don’t wear a miniskirt at the same time. Or wear the miniskirt but cover up a bit more on top.


Go for Form- Fitting over Skin-tight

Go for Form- Fitting over Skin-tight You’re not going to look sexy if you’re wearing clothes that’re loose and baggy. Tents aren’t sexy, girls! You want to wear clothing that fits you and if you’re comfortable with it, is form-fitting. It’s important to remember form-fitting isn’t skin-tight. It’s clothing that fits you well but doesn’t cut into you or show bra and panty lines. Think how nice a pencil skirt can hug your curves and you’ll get the idea.


Wear More Red

Wear More Red This one’s surprisingly easy. Almost everyone has some red clothing items in their closet. Red is considered to be sexier than other colors. There’s a lot of room for personal expression here. You can wear a red lace dress with heels or pair a red top with your favorite worn-in jeans. Go for whatever fits your personality best.


Incorporating red into your wardrobe doesn't have to be a grand gesture. Even subtle pops of this passionate color can enhance your attractiveness, like a hint of red on a scarf, or a bold red lipstick that draws attention to your smile. Remember, confidence is key, so choose an outfit or accessory that makes you feel powerful and self-assured. Whether it's a cherry-red blazer for the office, or a crimson clutch for a night out, trust that a splash of red will make a statement while keeping it classy and elegant. Experiment and embrace the allure of red!


Wear Statement Pieces Thoughtfully

Wear Statement Pieces Thoughtfully Statement pieces can absolutely up the sexiness factor. The trick is not wearing too many at one time. Statement pieces would be items such as leather clothing, stilettos or very tall boots. One statement piece at a time can speak volumes. Play around and figure out which statement pieces are right for you.


Play up Your Lips or Eyes but Never Both

Play up Your Lips or Eyes but Never Both The way you do your makeup can totally up your sexiness factor. It can also take you into Sleazeville if you’re not careful. What you want to avoid is makeup overkill. Play up your eyes or lips but never both at the same time. A smoky eye or full-on red lips both scream sexy but going for both can spell disaster.


Discover the V-neck Tee

Discover the V-neck Tee Everyone needs basic tees in their closet. You pair them with jeans, shorts or even your pjs if you’re just hanging at home. Why not choose the tees that offer the sexiest cut? V-neck tees are always going to look sexier than your average crewneck. It’s a little hint of cleavage which is perfect. After all, you always want to leave a little to the imagination; that’s the oldest (and best) trick in the book.


Trade Your Flats in for Heels

Trade Your Flats in for Heels There’s just something special about wearing heels no other shoe can give you. They give your hips a tantalizing sway nothing else can. They make your calves look slimmer and more muscular, too. Additionally, they make you look slimmer and who doesn’t love that? Wearing heels is a win-win in every department!


Choose the Right Length Carefully

black, clothing, little black dress, footwear, dress, This applies to both skirts and dresses, ladies. Even if you're a super big fan of the mini length, it's important to be aware of just how short your pieces actually are. Don't worry, we're not saying that you can no longer wear anything on the shorter side, we're just recommending that you are aware of what's appropriate and what's too short and reveals a bit too much - which is when it's easy to appear slightly sleazy. Alternatively, mini and maxi lengths are a great way to look sexy without any chance of it looking sleazy due to the longer length and modesty, plus they're very flattering on most body shapes!


Watch Those Heels

clothing, human positions, footwear, fashion, spring, As we've mentioned above, heels are a special piece that has the ability to take any outfit to the next level and give it a little bit of an extra oomph. However, it's best to be aware of the height of the heels, as you may want to avoid anything that's super, super high, as these can come across as looking over the top and slightly stripper-ish. Instead, opt for a modest size heel such as a kitten heel or small-ish sized pumps, which are classy, sophisticated and still totally sexy!


Practise, Practise, Practise

black, black and white, clothing, human positions, person, It's not always an easy task to look totally sexy without appearing sleazy in the least, and sometimes it just requires a bit of trial-and-error until you find the right combinations that work for you! Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time round, just keep practising and experimenting with your style until you feel satisfied and comfortable with the pieces you have to work with and the amount of sexiness in each outfit!

These tips can help you to achieve the sexy look you want. What’re your favorite tips for looking sexy but not sleazy? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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No it's nit it's actually a great idea

I really like it !!! Tq :)

Nice article!😍

Omfg this is such a trash article

I don't really like these articles but I actually enjoyed this one,I adore wearing heels only I really hate kitten heels their terrible lol it's hard to strut and look fierce in kitten heels,I always wear 5 inch heels nothing smaller or taller

I think these are pretty good basic tips!! I wish I wore heels more but I walk way too much for that to happen! Cute flats are where I am at!

Practice *

Nice one.. I liked the red dress ;)

Or wear whatever you want and whatever you feel sexy in. Wear red lipstick with a smokey eye. It's classic. Wear a crop top and a mini skirt. Wear whatever you want.

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