Zoara's Jewelry Giveaway on Facebook...


Zoara's Jewelry Giveaway on Facebook...
Zoara's Jewelry Giveaway on Facebook...

What can be better than a chance to win free jewelry, especially when it's as beautiful as the designs from Zoara Diamonds and Jewelry? They are hosting a fun giveaway on their facebook and all you have to do is pick your favorite set of earrings, a nice heart necklace, or maybe even a lovely ring for their next giveaway and you will be entered into their current one!
Pearl Stud Earrings Giveaway...
"Zoara wants your help in choosing their next giveaway prize! And wait… there's something in it for you! If they choose your suggestion, they will not only be raffling it on their next giveaway, but also you will get these stunning pearl stud earrings for your help!"

To participate in Zoara's Jewelry Givaway Challenge:

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Log on to Zoara.com,


Find the Bracelet, Pendant, or Earrings You Loved Most and Copy the Link to That Piece


Like Zoara on facebook, and post the link to the product you liked on their wall, and tell them why it should be their next prize

If your suggestion is chosen, the beautiful pearl studs can be yours!

What are you waiting for? The raffle is days away…

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