42 Dresses πŸ‘— Throughout History ⏳ That Have Caused Timeless Scandals πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰ ...


These 42 dresses throughout history have caused quite a scandal.

According to MSN, these scandalous dresses have stood out in time and will forever be remembered.2

Oh, what a little skin can do!

These dresses are just as famous as the women wearing them.

Read on to see snapshots of these famous scandalous dresses.

1. Theda Bara, 1917

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The actress Theda Baraβ€”one of Hollywood's first ever sex symbols and femme fatalesβ€”starred in the title role of the 1917 silent film Cleopatria wearing expensive and racy costumes that included a coiled snake bra that wrapped around her bare breasts.

Censors required cuts of scenes that included Bara's "objectionable costume" and "costume exposing body." Sadly, most of the film is now lost because the last remaining prints were destroyed.

2. Josephine Baker in the 1920s

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The dancer and civil rights activist Josephine Baker found fame in Paris in the 1920s.

Her most iconic routine was the danse sauvage one in which she wore a skirt made out of artificial bananas and twerked before twerking was even a term.

Baker's contemporary, the anthropologist Essie Robeson, called it "this ridiculously vulgar...wiggling." Ernest Hemingway remembered her as being "the most sensational woman anybody ever saw.

Or ever will."

3. Jean Harlow, 1932

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Jean Harlow, the original Blonde Bombshell, was hugely popular in 1930s Pre-Code Hollywood and liked to do this thing where she wore really clingy dresses without a bra.2

Here she is with Clark Gable, her co-star in Red Dust.

4. Jean Harlow, 1933

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It's hard not to think of the Art Deco age and bias cut gowns without picturing this costume gown by Gilbert Adrian that Harlow wore in the film Dinner at Eight.

It had a low back and beautiful criss-crossing straps in the front, and it looked like it had been poured right over Harlow's body.

Fun fact: Harlow couldn't actually sit down in the dress because of the way it was cut so close to her figure.

Rita Hayworth, 1941
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