8 Fabulous and Affordable Items for a Trendy Professional Look ...


Trendy professional looks don’t come cheap these days or at least that’s what the magazines would have us believe.

Well, it isn’t entirely true and there are ways to obtain trendy work clothes without having to spill out your entire savings.

And here are a few items that will definitely help make dressing for work this summer sweeter, without the bitter aftertaste of an empty wallet:

1. Pointed Hem Longline Blazer

Pointed Hem Longline Blazer

Price: $29.80 at forever21.com

Top off your elegant spring/summer basics with this gorgeous pastel blazer and start creating a few trendy professional looks to rock in the office this season!

Belt it or leave it loose, wear it with browns, whites or nudes or, in case the dress code allows, throw it over a turquoise-colored dress to create a bold fashion statement.

2. Twist Lock Purse

Twist Lock Purse

Price: $19.80 at forever21.com

Speaking about those super-trendy pastels – what do you think about this bag?

I’d say a bag is always a good way to start putting together a trendy professional look!

Wear it cross body in case you have a lot of paperwork to carry or shorten the strap and you’ll get an eye-catching, retro-ish yet totally fabulous purse to vouch for your fabulous sense of style.

3. Peplum Button up Blouse

Peplum Button up Blouse

Price: $17.80 at forever21.com

Peplum, pastels and crochet details – dressing for work is easy when you have a stylish piece such as this one!

Color block it with other pastels, wear it with green, orange or fool proof black – the color of this fab blouse will allow you to wear with a lot of items you already have in your closet while its stylish yet pretty formal cut makes it perfect for the office.

4. Woven Lace Insert Dress

Woven Lace Insert Dress

Price: $27.80 at forever21.com

Speaking about work appropriate garb, here’s one feminine dress I like a lot!2

This dusty shade of blue is perfect for those who prefer to stay away from bright colors, yet it’s a world away from gray, black or brown… A whole colorful world away!

Top it off with a matching or mismatching thin belt, wear a cardigan to kick up its feminine appearance or opt for a blazer to give it a sharp, business note – it’s definitely a piece worth having and it will help you pull off a couple of interesting and trendy professional looks.

Pleated Skirt
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