7 Fashionable Takes on the Luxe Tee ...

Luxe tees are an on-trend take on the humble wardrobe staple. Right now the luxe tee is a must-have. Choose a tee in a bold, graphic print or one made from luxe fabrics like silk and lace. For a hit of glam, you can’t go past a luxe tee in a metallic finish. Take a look at a few fashionable luxe tees below.

1. Blue Scarf Print Tee

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Price: $49.00 at us.dorothyperkins.com
Ever since debuting on the Celine runways, scarf print clothes have become this season’s must-have item. However, you don’t have to fork out a fortune to get in on this trend. This tee from Dorothy Perkins is bold and bright and would look casually on-trend paired with denim shorts this summer.

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