17 Fashion Bloggers You'll Get Inspired to Start Your Own Blog ...


Maybe you adore the idea of having your own blog but keep asking yourself the same question: how do you actually start?!

Well, these super successful and creative fashion bloggers will not only give you the inspo you need to turn your dream blog into a reality, but you'll also discover how a lot of them started and where it all began!

Sound interesting?

Then just read on...

1. Kyrzayda

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white, clothing, dress, woman, lady,

This super successful 37-year-old full-time mom and blogger is known for her fierce haircut, fit physique and impeccable sartorial sense!

Instagram: @kyrzayda_


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clothing, sleeve, outerwear, footwear, fashion,
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Who is Tala Samman, you might ask?

Well, for starters she was born in Chicago, originally Syrian, and grew up in Dubai.2

She's a proud graduate of The London College of Fashion, having edited the first blog to come out of the UAE back in 2009.

Her style blog, Myfashdiary.com has been nominated in Ahlan!

*Fashion is what others declare is in.

Style is what you declare is in.

Instagram: @myfashdiary

3. Hello Fashion

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white, clothing, footwear, fashion, outerwear,
clothing, footwear, fashion, outerwear, spring,

Back in December 2011, Christine Andrew founded Hello Fashion as an exciting way to showcase current trends in fresh, inspiring ways.

Hello Fashion allows Christine to communicate directly with โ€œthe everyday womanโ€ and offer style inspiration and advice along the way!

Instagram: @hellofashionblog

4. Atlantic Pacific

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clothing, glasses, fashion, eyewear, vision care,
clothing, dress, fashion, pattern, footwear,

Ever since launching her fashion career in 2007 at Gap Inc.2

as a merchandiser, Blair Eadie has come to the realization of how street style is shaping up and the influence it has on its customers.

So, in 2010, as a hobby, she created Atlantic-Pacific to add perspective to the growing conversation!

Flash forward to today, she's working with an amazing list of brand partners including CoverGirl, Gucci, Nordstrom, Target, Tory Burch, Sephora, and many, more.

Instagram: @blaireadiebee

5. Harper & Harley

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white, clothing, denim, jeans, sleeve,
clothing, dress, fashion, spring, gown,

If you're a minimalist and obsessed with black, white and grey style, Harper & Harley is the ultimate blog for you!

Just to top it all off, Aussie style star Sara Donaldson has worked with Uniqlo, Gucci, Swarovski, Nike and Harper's Bazaar.

Instagram: @harperandharley

Rach Parcell
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