7 Fashion Fixes Every Woman Should Know ...


You might expect these fashion fixes to be a list of quick repairs to make when you experience a wardrobe malfunction.

Wrong – these fashion fixes are ways to extend the life of your clothes.

I’m bringing you some great ideas to keep your wardrobe in tip top condition.

1. Life Extenders for New Clothes

Life Extenders for New Clothes

When you first buy new clothes, there are a few fashion fixes to attend to before hanging them in your closet.

Fasten any loose threads by pulling them to the wrong side and securing or even completely trimming them.

If you have patch pockets, reinforce the stitching on them by sewing a small triangle at the top corner of each pocket.

Protecting your clothes from perspiration will also extend their lifespan.

Use cotton underarm shields and let your clothes that can only be dry-cleaned dry in the air to remove all the sweat – turn them inside out on the hanger for the best results.

2. Make Leather Last

Make Leather Last

Keeping leather products in good condition is important.2

If the leather is soft, you can use temporary fluorocarbon spray like 3M Scotchguard regularly after every few weeks.

Rubbing cold cream on leather using your fingers and then wiping off the excess with a cloth will help prolong the life of leather goods.

3. Stalking Perfect Stockings

Stalking Perfect Stockings

The crazy idea of freezing your pantyhose before wearing does actually prolong their life.

Wash them, wring them, and then put them in the freezer in a plastic bag.

When you need them, take them out and dry them.2

4. Twice as Nice

Twice as Nice

Shirts often wear out at the collars or cuffs and your first thought is to throw them away.

However, you can carefully remove the collar at the seam from the point where it is attached to the shirt.

Then reattach it with the other side showing.

You can even get a bit innovative here and make your own collar or leave the shirt collarless.

If your cuffs fray, cover them with satin binding.

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